Body jewelry

Nipple Piercing

Body jewelry

Hey all. Sad to say, this will be my first uploaded video. Didn’t have any luck in the past with my other material as i wasn’t able to extract it from my sources, but meh. So i got a new camera phone a while back and decided to upload today.

Anyways, a friend of mine had plan to get some body piercing done in between classes. He came up to me on monday and said, “let’s do it now”. So during our short break, we made ourselves onto St-Denis at a tattoo parlour i had checked out a while back. This is what happened.

Brian – Me
Patrick – Blond guy
Sara – The lady
Tony – Pierce Meister

*Note: There is a lot of French in here, i didn’t bother translating it because the point of it was to record the piercing action, and not so much the dialogue.

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