Body jewelry

my hip piercing

Body jewelry

me getting my hips pierced!

25 responses to “my hip piercing”

  1. Selilein97 says:

    hallo total irre

  2. SourMissy says:

    ewww I SEE LUNGS….. LUNGS…..

  3. crombiebody14 says:

    holy shit! that looks like it hurt! but the pain must have paid off because those look so cute(:

  4. dandandabadmintonman says:

    hot body 😛

  5. siire says:

    @yrquiet word.. I dont get why people who have piercing as a PROEFESSION dont know that… its their fucking job.

  6. yrquiet says:

    they put the wrong jewelry in for your surface piercings. your body is going to reject them! if it hasn’t already.

  7. misskaityjo says:

    are there different sizes of bars for the piercings?

  8. zeppelin902 says:

    hey was this at mytatto in Alhambra, CA, usa

  9. ashleeeeeymarie says:

    i’ve had my hips pierced for three years noow ? hahaha.

  10. cuteanime19 says:

    why would you do that to yourself? it makes me want piercings less now

  11. BecauseImAwsome says:

    did they heal ok? i need to know cause im getting mine done.

  12. LilChloeBird says:

    @kjk6811 Lol.. Kool I’m Gonna Get My Belly `&& Tongue Pierced In Like 2 Weeks!!.. =]

  13. kjk6811 says:

    @LilChloeBird haaaaa, baby girl… i was to for awhile, my dad was all ewwww about it ! ha (: but nooow i got like my whole ear, my belly button &&&&&& my lip <3

  14. DarkAngel13011 says:

    @TheMrszxCarter i Actually really like them why is it retarded?? .

  15. 1celines says:

    omg this woman loves playing with her boobs i think she hiding them or just want to do it with her

  16. littlebritches101234 says:

    tht looks scary

  17. MrGabonchi says:

    u hot

  18. huggie28 says:

    top top rack

  19. TheMrszxCarter says:

    – this is ah really retarded peircing !!!

  20. glitchfan says:

    Where your pubez are?

  21. bluefavorites says:

    They probably got rejected or something, they almost always do! Plus, your panties get caught on them and they’re uncomfortable! They look so nice though!

  22. LilChloeBird says:

    @kjk6811 Oh Ok, Idk Im Piercing-Less

  23. kjk6811 says:

    @LilChloeBird hey, uhhhh…i think she has to when you get it donne, i had to when i got my belly button.

  24. ArielsWorldRoxs says:


  25. Dollargirl11 says:

    @TylerrSutton everybody? I dont,my friends dont. so who is everyone?

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