Body jewelry

Sternum piercing.

Body jewelry

Getting my sternum pierced. i think you can tell whether or not it hurt. Harass me on twitter, please.

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  1. laurenisokay says:

    @roofpaint haha thanks. i got it there because i already had clavicle surface bars and I wanted something to replace them 😀

  2. roofpaint says:

    Interesting piercing, why’d you decide to get it done there out of all places? Just curious. By the way your hair is kickass.

  3. laurenisokay says:

    @coolhaiwaiin123 the place i went to charges 35 (i think) but it can cost up to 100.

  4. coolhaiwaiin123 says:

    how much did u pay for the piercing?

  5. laurenisokay says:

    @geminisweetipie I took mine out a few months ago, maybe two. It was still staying but there was fluid that kept coming out no matter how much I cleaned it and sprayed it.

  6. laurenisokay says:

    @apex2000 Yes, it’s the skin. No, I do not have this piercing anymore.

  7. apex2000 says:

    its the skin right i mean not the actual sternum bone?
    lets just hope you never need reviving by cpr/ defibrillation

  8. geminisweetipie says:

    How long did you piercing stay in? Do you still have it? Mine was done differently than yours. The woman who did mine just marked the skin, pinched it, stuck it with the needle and inserted the surface bar. I’ve only had mine for about 2 months but I’m thinking about taking it out

  9. laurenisokay says:

    @papercuts333 yeah i do but they’re not very noticeable.

  10. papercuts333 says:

    @laurenisokay like how long? like do you still have them?

  11. laurenisokay says:

    @sn0306 i don’t anymore, but i did.
    it did hurt, haha.

  12. laurenisokay says:

    @papercuts333 i did have it pierced.
    there are scars, and the scars don’t go away for a long time.

  13. laurenisokay says:

    @cheechitaNchongella yeah i figured, i just forgot to respond. haha

  14. cheechitaNchongella says:

    ohhh i think @sn0306 means a smiley piercing

  15. redarkling says:

    @laurenisokay maybe sn0306 is talking about a smiley? 0_o

  16. papercuts333 says:

    did you use to have your collar bone peirced and now you have a scar?
    and if you did, did the scar ever go away?

  17. TheyDreamFiction says:

    You kind of look like the girl from Clerks 2.

  18. sn0306 says:

    sorry im from portugal
    you dont have a peircing under your lip ?

  19. laurenisokay says:

    @sn0306 i have no clue where you’re talking about, haha.

  20. sn0306 says:

    i´d like to do one under my superior lip
    but im afraid, because maybe hurts
    how badly does hurt ?

  21. coltscheer13 says:

    wow that looked like it hurt.. i have my belly button pierced and i am getting my hips pierced soon. im 14 btw lol

  22. BushBabehh says:

    Tbh when i got my done the piercing gripping my skin hurt more.. i have like no fat there and it was really hard to grip it.. i was in complete pain at that point

  23. laurenisokay says:

    @stfulucy16 It all depends on your pain tolerance, but I’d say expect the worst. Even if it’s not that bad, you psyched yourself up for nothingg :]

  24. stfulucy16 says:

    how badly does it hurt?
    sorry if im being a bit annoying D:

  25. laurenisokay says:

    @stfulucy16 yes it hurt.
    no, they didn’t numb it.
    i payed 25 and tipped 35.
    mine never healed.

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