Body jewelry

Worst nipple piercing reaction ever on Youtube!!!

Body jewelry

check this baby out as she squeels like a pig ha ha ha

25 responses to “Worst nipple piercing reaction ever on Youtube!!!”

  1. Gecko1265 says:

    wussy lol

  2. daniel16693 says:

    @KietDaViet fuck you dude, if u don’t like this shit just fuck off, people like this ya know.

  3. coolegast321 says:

    Imagine how it sounded when she lost her virginity.


    The boyfriend must’ve been like: AAA, FUCK, MY EARS !

  4. KietDaViet says:

    you know she a freak! She got a tongue ring and nipple piercings!

  5. travanti1 says:

    a little lower!

  6. StefanyCabrera says:


  7. agentno923 says:

    I’ve heard nipples piercings don’t hurt as much as you’d think they do. I dunno…piercer on this video probably did something wrong.

  8. quevedo89 says:


  9. YoursTruelyMe2 says:

    Lindsey Lohan?

  10. DannonH says:

    This really doesn’t hurt that bad. lol I’ve had mine done twice.

  11. reanin93 says:

    i did the same thing when i go t mine done. hurt so dab

  12. Victoria016 says:

    heck naww. i would never do this. she is crazyy. whats the pont??

  13. RaeRaeLovesSlassh21 says:

    here is an idea…don’t get them peirced
    1; Ouch
    2. Trashy
    3. Ew


  14. xAnukisx says:

    That’s why you don’t pierce there. Cry baby.

  15. TheBlossom321 says:

    y is she percing…them….THTS SO STUPID, NO ONES GONNA SEE IT…….i hope

  16. chone808 says:

    @Avian98X i wonder how many people actually fast foward the video to 1:35 hahaha

  17. jazzycat1 says:

    You shouldn’t have ruined them by peircing them.

  18. NorrisRochelle says:

    @hellsbells056 lol

  19. hellsbells056 says:

    I wanted to see boobs, and I did not see boobs. This is an OUTRAGE!

  20. p0j0c2 says:

    mens piercings hurt more so wats she squeeling about

  21. megooloo says:

    oh man. it was not that bad! lmfao

  22. tommyvara says:

    tits or gtfo

  23. ForioFTW says:

    You left a hole where my nipple should be haha.

  24. ForioFTW says:

    woo! Breaking Benjamin-Breath in the back ground 😀

  25. Avian98X says:

    actually u can see her nipple at 1:35

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