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Melina´s nose piercing

Body jewelry

This is the nose piercing of mi girlfriend, I hope you enjoy this vid… see ya Love you Meli. Here is a link of a great place to get a tattoo

25 responses to “Melina´s nose piercing”

  1. nessababii77 says:

    That guy had no idea what he was doing..

  2. MissJohnAndEdward says:

    @tiingg91 You usually get your ears done with a gun, and most nose piercings are done with needles

  3. tiingg91 says:

    i got my nose piercing like how a ear piercing is done..y is this so different..hmm

  4. pacobombom says:

    The guy seems to be not very professional…

  5. mylesboi says:

    music – Calle 13 – Suave

  6. morganxxbeauty says:

    lol i cant believe how many views these type of videos get…and the ones of people popping pimples (eww that’s so gross). but does it hurt when you get ur nose pierced? i have 2 piercings in my ears and i got my cartilage pierced once and then it got infected.

  7. shadowofchaos001 says:

    personally, i would never go to that guy again. he seems a little…careless

  8. xxxxjojoxxxx09 says:

    i like the music.xD

  9. krazykimberley says:

    does it hurt? i think im geting mine done on the weekend !!

  10. 1005lolsmileyface says:

    i know they dont recomend a gun but i got my nose peirced twice onece with gun but my mom got pissed and i let it close then i got it again with a needle. wwith a gun that aint hurt at all but that needle put my ass through hell lol

  11. sh0ndiddy says:

    ‘did it hurtt?

  12. shawty402 says:

    uhmm my eyes didnt water or nuthin it didnt even hurt didnt feel shit at all lmfao ;x

  13. 2UP2DOWNX says:

    i had mine done so many times cos it kept fallin out and i do tink it hurts and your eyes water up so much but i always got mine done with a gun not with a needle its quicker

  14. pikasuicide says:

    Wow, that guy looked like he was doing it weird. O_O He got it all caught and junk too.

  15. EquineCrazy67 says:

    that looks like it hurt like hell!! <:O lol im scared to get mine done now :S 😛 XD

  16. miki4chan says:

    hát ezzz komolyy!!!!!(Y) király vagy bazd meg!!!!!!xDxDXDxdXDXd(Y)Y(I)Y yeeaaayyyy

  17. youaretheidiotnotme says:


  18. KAYKthemetalcake says:

    Mine didn’t water at all. :S

  19. nancyX28 says:

    Holy shit I’m getting my in 4 days Nd I’m like freaking out!! She is so lucky it didn’t start bleeding!!

  20. emochild005 says:

    Dude, it looked like she almost got a lip piercing too!! That guy was all over the place, lol.

  21. gillieduncannon says:

    duele mucho??? o hay alguna anestesia?? porque si se ve dolorosito.

  22. missGreendayLover says:

    Did it hurtt??

  23. decimekevo says:

    Me lo hice hace poquito en la bond, la verdad no duele nada!

  24. FunnyLove3 says:

    has this guy ever done a nose piercing before because he acts completly clueless.

  25. stormdog994 says:

    dose it realy like badly hert im getting minez done for my birthday hell no im not scared i just wanna no if it will hert

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