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Bekki ‘s tongue piercing (gone wrong)

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Okay so I got it done! . I don’t know who lied to you and said the clamps hurt more then the piercing ! .. lairs! because you can’t even feel them! … as you can see I was like tery eyed YES IT FUCKING HURT! .. I don’t know if it hurt only cuz the dub ass couldn’t get the bar into my tongue bUt yes it pretty much sucked but I love it ! .. But if you have an questions just comment or send me and message! Thursday,January 15/o9 UPDATE ! : Okay , As you can all see that information up there is all wrong .. This guy was a fuck up , No I CAN’T SUE HIM! , Guys when you get a piercing you sine a paper saying whatever happens you can’t sue them for it .. Believe me I want to so bad ! .. I did also pay him for it , my moms is friend is best friends with the owner of the place so we got a discount … lol anyways It’s doing fine and I love it .. Just be careful you don’t get a cock bubble like this dude! May o1 , 2009 !

25 responses to “Bekki ‘s tongue piercing (gone wrong)”

  1. Gabrielle11206 says:

    omg.. that assholee..!! afterr he kneww he fuckedd up hee triedd 2 be all nice about it.!

  2. ashlikowalski says:

    omg this looked awful. that guy had no clue what he was doing. im so sorry

  3. kdotg says:

    if you didnt move it would of been a quick sharpp pain unlucky bbe

  4. renee412 says:

    fuckkk that

  5. xXxsuicidalgirxlXx says:

    OMG im so sorry that is horrible. that is totally not a professional. you shouldve sued! and fuck those friends!

  6. loipop9 says:

    that guy fucked you up!

  7. OMGitsPaigee01 says:

    i love how ur friends laughing while ur like crying lmao. but this guys suckkkss. so unprofessional.

  8. 101lotusflower says:

    is tht drink for numbing ur tongue??

  9. cutelilskittle says:

    fat chicks dont need tongue piercings

  10. Jennacide813 says:

    i like how her friend starts to weez as she laugh lol XD

  11. cassember says:

    your a baby if u think a tongue piercing hurts love i got mine done didnt feel a thing da only fing dat hurt was wen he was tighting the balls coz he was pulling other den dat nuffin da guy who did urs was he licenced? coz fuck man he fucked up bad i hav a tip 4 ya dnt ever go bac to him

  12. erresistable says:

    maybe thats a sign you shouldn’t have gotten your tongue pierced? doesn’t make you any hotter…

  13. PiercingGoddess says:

    wow hes like stoned or sumthin i did my own tongue piercing faster and better than him

  14. DownKrownKlown says:

    yea my piercer kicks ass and always has em done before I have time to feel anything…did not feel the needle go through my tongue but it hurt a little when he put the ball on the bar.

  15. shugabear4u says:


  16. lmaoSofiaaa says:

    holy shit, that guy is such a failure. the he even began is so unprofessional.

  17. OCamillaVanillaO says:

    holy shit. seriously “hold still” what a fucking dumbass. This guy shouldnt be able to pierce shit.

  18. erewozjohn says:

    this is disgusting that guy wants shooting its a disgrace to my proffession check out how it should be done jb bodyart

  19. erewozjohn says:

    what a complete butcher he should never pierce anybody ever he wants shooting never in all my yrs have i seen this.. check out jb bodyart for how it should be done

  20. JimmyKnoxville says:

    the guy who did it needs to get another job..

  21. graffsk8er says:

    discusting! xD

  22. deadwisky says:

    god this guy sucks!

  23. MONiqUE9211 says:

    iqOt MAh tOUNqE PiERCEd SUNdAy [(5-30-10)] && it tOO 21 SECONdS tU qEt MiNE dONE!! thiS iS SOME Shit!! iWOULd OF SAiD FUCK yHU iM NOt PAyiN FOR tHiS&&hE WOULd OF qOt OUt MAh MOUth&& FiREd!!!

  24. bloodandgor says:

    omg! wtf iv had ten piercings and see animals die(i live on a farm) and my stomerk went backwards!

  25. kwetana1 says:

    what the heck and where the heck did you get that done at and who was the guy

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