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Body Piercing Tips & Aftercare : How to Pierce Your Belly Button

Body jewelry

Piercing a belly button requires cleaning the navel with Technicare surgical soap, mark where the piercing will go, use clamps to ensure a straight piercing and coat the needle with a surgical lubricant before piercing the skin. Pierce a belly button only with proper licensing and certification with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification. Expert: Tristan McCauley Contact: Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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    I know what you mean lol


    lolx i know what you mean.

  3. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @MIZZDIHMONZHEIGHT im tired of arguing with uninformed people who dont know the meaning of logic.

  4. x0xvanillachicax0x says:

    ewww, wtf. why is there a GUY doing this and why did he get a pink one ?! he did this so ppl know whats supposed to happen when they go and get it done.


    I know what your saying but in his other video he probably just wanted to to let people know that it’s always better to go to a professional. That’s all.

  6. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @scoobydoofeen actually you insulted me and used incorrect grammar and spelling.

  7. scoobydoofeen says:

    i jus said the same thing to myself LOL

  8. PirateKing1256 says:

    Who are going to see? lol.

  9. lukemattar says:

    pink emralds lmfao! nice hombre 😉

  10. liisika says:

    does this hurt? 🙂

  11. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @Mishatko1 im helping you by telling you that he is unprofessional. If you must, go to a piercing parlor and ask around.

  12. Mishatko1 says:

    @kelseynicolebebe You too You are very helpfull, you are the infection!!!!! I asked you nicely but u r playing smart ass!!!!! to me you r nothing, kepp living your stupid life!

  13. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @Mishatko1 wow that shows how much you know about piercing, nothing! so have fun with an infection or something!

  14. Mishatko1 says:

    @kelseynicolebebe really? whats exact things u think are not professional on that navel piercing? I looked on few navel piercing videos and this one looks the most pro to me.. but I dont know a thing about it.. please reply..

  15. Mishatko1 says:

    @kelseynicolebebe for people to see how it should be done the right way. So when you going to choose the body piercing studio, you can ask them how they do it and what kind of techniques they use. Now thanks to this video I know how to choose the right studio, ‘couse my girlfriend ‘d like to have one too. 😉

  16. xoxriabooxox says:

    this guy is so gay why does he have a pink ring lol

  17. Pop8MyHeart says:

    o i didnt know men get belly button piercings

  18. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @jaeminbahk its the wrong information…

  19. jaeminbahk says:

    @kelseynicolebebe because there’s people like me who needs to learn how to do it and get as much as information i can before being a professional piercer

  20. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @shortysporty22 actually i have watched a number of his videos and he is not
    professional so watching the video would have the opposite effect.

  21. shortysporty22 says:

    @kelseynicolebebe perhaps but some people would rather have this than nothing.

  22. ericsito133 says:

    is the piercer short or the other guy really tall??

  23. kelseynicolebebe says:

    @shortysporty22 if you don’t know what its going to be like then you are not prepared to have it done, don’t just watch a amateur video on youtube.
    Its one of the most unreliable sources around.

  24. pRiNcEsS43997 says:

    dayummm he is f’ing tall!!!

    but this video was great(:

  25. shortysporty22 says:

    @kelseynicolebebe maybe to show what you should be looking for when you do get yours done

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