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Corset Piercing [Feb 2010]

Body jewelry

This is my corset piercing experience. As many of my regular viewers know, I have an enormous passion for body modification, and I’m very happy to share this experience with who ever is watching 🙂 As said in the intro, I don’t expect everyone to understand why I would go through with this knowing that I’d have to take it off right away. I’ve always wanted a corset piercing, but such piercings aren’t meant to keep. Even so, I wanted to experience and and capture the moment. Yes, it hurt, [very tolerable] but I understand that pain is what I have to feel in order to get what I want. And I’m not going to let a few minutes of pain get in the way of how I want to live my life. This doesn’t mean I’m careless, because I only work with people who know exactly what they’re doing, and with years of experience in my part, I know how to take care of myself 😉 To who ever is watching/reading: -If you feel the same way I do about body modification, more power to you! -If you don’t see things the way I do, but still respect my decisions in life. Thank you 🙂 -If you’re just a douche bag that can’t read any of this and can’t understand that my life is none of your business, then give me your best hater comment! But just so you know, I will forget about you after I read your comment, it won’t affect me in any way, And I will continue to do what I do. So don’t waste time :p

25 responses to “Corset Piercing [Feb 2010]”

  1. MVPH98 says:

    i think your love for piercings is cool, i want to get a few piercings myself

  2. CreatureFrom1993 says:

    those photos came out amazing.

  3. ROOBDUBY says:

    you have an amazing body and they made it look so good 🙂
    you are one hot lady 😉

  4. ZooTsisTxaus says:

    I think its cute =) rated LIKE

  5. YATESbarrylawd says:

    you mentioned getting it done with dermal anchors? what are the rejection rate on them?

  6. iluvryan10 says:

    @biohazard2886 Who was the guy that did your piercings?
    and i have the same thing but mines is in the shapes of a heart

  7. biohazard2886 says:

    @looserlucy Not really, the procedure lasted two hours, and we used 14g needles. So there aren’t any visible scars. I just felt the bumps while they were healing but they’re pretty much gone now 🙂

  8. looserlucy says:

    won’t you be left with a load of scars?

  9. TheXxblahxXxblahxX says:

    omg!!! u are so fucking brave!!!

  10. emwil1 says:

    i love wearing corsets but that looked so painful! it looked really good though when finished its a shame it had to come out.

  11. biohazard2886 says:

    @falleninto Yes, there is! It’s somewhere on my channel.

  12. biohazard2886 says:

    @bunnniez These piercings aren’t meant to keep, they have a 97% of rejection. So very bad scarring and huge discomfort would have happened if I kept them. I’m just happy I got to experience it for a few hours. 🙂

  13. Chikiitaaa88 says:

    they look kinda cool. too bad the body rejects it =(

  14. TheMmeAmelie92 says:

    I think you are crasy, but it’s very beatiful …

  15. boomonkeyluv says:

    Oh my gosh girl, I don’t know if I could have handled that. It looks so good, but I guess I’m a wuss when it comes to pain. I just got my belly button pierced and I keep hitting it on things, did you have the same problem with your back?

  16. Rockyosox97 says:

    That’s accually a cool looking.. thing i guess you could call it lol
    No seriously it’s really cool

  17. bunnniez says:

    i love your corset but i cant believe that you took it out after you went through all that and it was so sick!!!

  18. redrosesblack06 says:

    it looks awesome!

  19. Bananenmilch123 says:

    Gosh that’s gore !!!! I feel for u, it really hurted me to watch that vid, however the result is art ! Did the scars healed up ? You’re really beautiful, so try to preserve ur body and face a minimum, even tho body art suits u ^__^

  20. sexyblanket says:

    That looks so sick!
    Did it leave really bad scars? Compared to a lip piercing how much did it hurt? Cus I’m thinking of getting that done!

  21. falleninto says:

    @biohazard2886 what!? is there a video for the tongue slicing???

  22. supamessy says:

    thats awesome!, so sad that you couldn’t keep em, they looked awesome on ya!
    photo shoot looked amazing. =]

  23. Kagome01fan says:

    I give you thumbs up for having the courage to do this.

  24. zombiewarsxx says:

    looks sexy {:

  25. FUZ3TTE says:

    huh, this is kinda strange to me,
    dont they usually finish 1 prick at once,
    at least i’ve never seen somebody do it half each time

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