Body jewelry

Hip Dermal Piercing

Body jewelry

My friend Shauna getting a hip dermal piercing from Boney Joe (notice the mustache!)

25 responses to “Hip Dermal Piercing”

  1. AndressSchoolGirl says:

    I just got mine a couple days ago.

    Just hopefully my parents dont see them.

  2. 66punkprincess66 says:

    nice body though 😉

  3. ParrotFreatures says:

    @BeautifulShorty87 dermal pain lasts longer but surface piercing is more of a pinch.. none of them are unbearable though… though it depends where on your body it is 🙂

  4. LaurenStewartx says:

    how much do they cost???

  5. JustinBieberLove2820 says:

    where did you get this done at!?

  6. BeautifulShorty87 says:

    what hurts worse, the dermal or the surface on the hips??? Which better???

  7. baileynewell says:

    @monroehornet38 dayum. the thought of a surface piercing ripping out is so fucking intense.

  8. maricelabaltodano says:

    that is stupid

  9. briabre331 says:

    cool; but how do u change the piercing?

  10. A30041995 says:

    nice tattoo :))

  11. lm2ford says:

    wow that looked like u were in quite a bit of pain. i love dermals thou, theyr so awesome. ive got 5 🙂 they look really good

  12. monroehornet38 says:

    i got the hip surface piercings…tottally regret not getting dermals instead. surface piercings rip so easy

  13. ByeByeBelly says:

    omg he touched his glove to his nose and then touched her piercings with the same glove!!!!

  14. SuperCharlene2010 says:

    this was hella cute cause she has a nice stomach

  15. BabieeGurll7 says:

    that guys beard made me jizz in ma pants (;

  16. LeahFix says:

    @KWalsh554 I was advised not to put band aids over them. Simply because the adhesive from the band aid bothers the skin around the piercing and tends to get it infected faster. Unless of course you wear a BIG band aid. I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t want to wear band aids over them though…Lol.

  17. KWalsh554 says:

    @LeahFix I’f your wearing high waisted pants you can always put band aids or tape over them.

  18. sweety845 says:

    boa wie rot das wird tat das nicht weh???

  19. Truddles09 says:

    That Is Really Cute!!

  20. marleybartlett84 says:

    if i get 2 side-by-side dermal piercings below the belly-button and i get pregnant later on, wat will happen? will i have 2 get them removed?

  21. lulumnstr says:

    It doesn’t hurt at all, dermal piercings are far more safe than surface piercings PLUS you don’t get them caught in your clothes, they are secured.

  22. LeahFix says:

    The piercer (well for mine at least) did them high enough that they wouldn’t get caught. Unless she starts to wear pants with the waist line up by her belly button. :p

  23. Murdermagictricks says:

    that shit looks like it hurts!

  24. kerryboo111 says:

    wouldn’t want him piercing me 😐
    microdermals are really cute, got two on my collar bones the other day <3 although i got a dermal punch and i think this girl got the needle? if anyone gets one.. go for the punch, less painful 🙂

  25. XgodieinaholeX says:

    fail piercer!

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