Body jewelry

Anti eyebrow piercing

Body jewelry

Im a Professional! Dont do this at home^^ ok really old video (back then i wanst a pro) visit me on: ——- —– The Song in the video: The Knife – We share our mothers health

25 responses to “Anti eyebrow piercing”

  1. jessiecomedy15 says:

    @BianDragonz ohhhh okay ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. prettiep says:

    ur hair is so pretty!!!

  3. ShivannaOfficial says:

    sieht viel besser aus als an der augenbraue

  4. AzeriLolli says:

    your eyes are pretty ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. BianDragonz says:

    @jessiecomedy15 Sorry, it just bugs me when people ask if it hurts. I’m sure it probably will, or maybe it won’t. I got an industrial and it hurt like hell, but people will tell you otherwise. It all depends on who you are.

  6. edgeweapon1012 says:

    hottie! r u german?

  7. Rayxbayxbay says:

    ur really pretty. [:

  8. jackiemartinez123 says:

    i want this done so badd

  9. zerrier says:

    @NoahWhore Ofc theres schools for it..

  10. NoahWhore says:

    how can u become a professioal piercer? is there like a school? or what?

  11. chrisbrownshotness says:

    Omg I got an eyebrow piercing and I want this anti eyebrow one now! ;o its soo awesome looking! I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ now it gave me an idea for my next piercing ;]

  12. jacqui95xo says:

    looks painful

  13. XxBlackNiteMarexX says:

    I want one done, but im afraid of it growing out. Is there a way to prevent it from growing out?

  14. ajtbgb says:

    where do u get those tube piercing things? they look really useful haha

  15. jessiecomedy15 says:

    @BianDragonz : ummm gee thanx for being so nice wit it … and u are way late on this lol

  16. BianDragonz says:

    @jessiecomedy15 Just shut up and deal with any type of pain it’s going to give you. It might hurt, it might not. If you want it that badly then the fear of pain shouldn’t stop you. If you’re hesitating due to it, then I suggest not getting any type of piercing.

  17. MissFniss says:

    Hab ich falsch gehรถrt, oder redest du deutsch? Cool piercing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. EatKbeezzyzHeartOut says:

    Lmfao that always happens to me……….putting on the ball is longer than doing the piercing hahahaha, but I love it!!!! You look awesome!!

  19. blondiene100 says:


  20. xbabyXchickenx says:

    i absolutely luv the song in the background……=D oh and the piercing lookz good 2

  21. idontsignin says:

    @jessiecomedy15 if they do it like this then dont get it done. i had mine done like this and it got infected so the ยฃ20 that i spend went down the drain.

  22. jessiecomedy15 says:

    im getting mines today but im way to chicken shit to get it O_O how bad does it hurt ?

  23. gahhh813 says:

    finally, someone wears gloves for once!

  24. anissathegreat says:

    so i have the same piercing, and watching her do it herself that slow almost just seems much much more painful then it really was.

  25. auteezy29 says:

    well if you look at the other anit-eyebrow piercings..they dont use clamps. so get your facts straight before you comment!

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