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Body Piercing Tips : Removing a Belly Button Ring

Body jewelry

Removing a belly button ring is only safe after the piercing is completely healed, and it requires unscrewing the ball at one end and sliding the jewelry out carefully. Remove a belly button ring with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification. Expert: Tristan McCauley Contact: Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

25 responses to “Body Piercing Tips : Removing a Belly Button Ring”

  1. bobdolecamandsu says:


  2. sexymisexy says:

    @angeladenise09 turn it to the other way you tried to do and do it on the top..


    @mrzFoxii93lmaoo Yup, I Did

  4. mrzFoxii93lmaoo says:

    mine wont unscreww wat shuld i do??? do i qo bak to the place where i qot it pierced or any place that does pericings??

  5. angeladenise09 says:

    mine wont unscrew šŸ™ helpp

  6. AmiieeLoop says:

    I want one

  7. 2JBsisters says:

    I have that one!! But mines greeeeeeeen! ;D

  8. JellyBean1914 says:

    In the end i just had to get pliars n just slightly stretch it n then the ball just fell out x

  9. lilDirectors says:

    I Gott That ring šŸ˜€

  10. UTxio says:

    so do i! did u figure out how to get it off?!

  11. fabioaurian says:

    thanks! that helped a lot

  12. Elle7491 says:

    Mine says 6 months to properly full on heal and my friend said she got told 1 year ha

  13. Elle7491 says:

    I felt bit more then a pinch lol. It was more painfull then i thought it would be but it wasnt full on savage :L

  14. AwesomerThanU1234 says:

    I got mine done nov 7th. But now its feb 4th and for a while there has been a bumb under the top ball. Its pink and the hole is smaller and tighter (I guess from the pressure). I just wanna know…. Is it ok or should i get it checked??

  15. tennisgorby says:

    It really didnt hurt that bad. it was more of a pinch then anything and that was just the clamp. really not bad a all

  16. LiciaDeeezy says:

    Its “curved barbell”
    Because its a barbell…That’s curved..

  17. soraya7454 says:

    aiii holaa yo me lo voi a hacer este aƱo !!
    te duele ?

  18. musicismylife4132 says:

    I’m going to get mine done and that was probaly the best thing i herd to make me not as scared.the “Its ganna hert. a needle is going thrwo ur skin”. Thankd]s

  19. lalaxnic says:

    how long till i can go tanning, in a tanning bed ?

  20. TheRJSM says:


  21. AfricanShea says:

    yes, just be very careful.

  22. zoeeVONgoree says:

    :L YOU get it right
    barbells are straight
    its called a bananabell.

  23. chloeteo says:

    oh,i did it at a good one as well.he told me 2 weeks for healthy people while books state 6 months.haha.

  24. hopstop3721 says:

    its different for everyone, the guy who did mine told me 3 months…but that was 12 yrs ago haha so i dont know. it was a very professional place and clean, safe place. most gross places say like 6 weeks.

  25. Mazzidee2008 says:

    I didn’t have any problem with changing the ball-bearings on my tongue bar, I just soaked them in warm salt water – just to be sure so I’d imagine it won’t be much of a problem for a navel piercing

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