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Body Piercing Tips : Tongue Piercing Risks

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The risks of tongue piercings include infection of the pierced area, numbing of the entire tongue and chipping of the teeth. Weigh the risks of getting a tongue piercing with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification. Expert: Tristan McCauley Contact: Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

25 responses to “Body Piercing Tips : Tongue Piercing Risks”

  1. watsupdanielle says:

    it never gets old when he says “it might suck the balls in”

  2. bloodpills says:

    @TheTinkerbel081 go to ur piercing store and ask them

  3. AceOfSpadez412 says:

    mine healed like in about 3 weeks

  4. sosocooiam2 says:

    i wonder if you didn’t have your tongue ring in for a year do you have to get the same hole did again?

  5. HannezTH says:

    when you’r egtting your tongue pierced can u get it with a plastic jewllery instead of an metallic? I really need to know, i do NOT want my teeth to be smashed out! 😉 <3 please help, thx ;'D<3<3<3

  6. TheTinkerbel081 says:

    my half barbel including the ball got stock inside of my toungue can i remove it ?? pls answer .. its been 1 month now..

  7. MrbangbangSS says:

    y do hey say not to use scoop mouthwash i was specifically told no 2 use scoop

  8. westwood881 says:

    u can keep the longer bar in for as long as u want, ive had mine for bout a month now and i dont reely want to go any shorter. coz sumtimes my tongue stretches lyk wen u yawn n stuff soo yea, gonna get a solid gold 1 soon tho :p

  9. kelsibluegurl says:

    @1MarsTS cool thanks 😀 i think im gonna borrow my friends long one.. and im gewd!! xD

  10. 1MarsTS says:

    @kelsibluegurl ive heard your supposed to keep the long barbel in for ATLEAST a week, it depends on the swelling. atleast a week, but sometimes 2 weeks or even up to a month. but after your swelling goes down you should get a shorter barbel – to bring down the chances of you biting on it and chipping your teeth as well-

  11. kelsibluegurl says:

    how long does it swell for?? like should i get a long barbell anddd a shirter one for after?? cuz i dont want this huge thing in my mouth all the time :/

  12. 1MarsTS says:

    hey i have a question, im wanting my tongue pierced within the next year or so, and ive read up about it and stuff and most people say ‘dont play with the piercing too much’ does that only refer to while its healing, or anytime even when it is healed…cause i have a bad habit of fiddling around with stuff ;/

  13. sweetneverinnocent says:

    No…not really..

  14. ascobie261407 says:

    Mine too (well, when I got my lip pierced, at least)! Did yours say you could dilute it if it was too strong?

  15. ThexDoctorsxLie says:

    It is okay to smoke, just try to minimize it if you can and after smoking rinse your mouth out with mouthwash or saline solution. :]

  16. ThexDoctorsxLie says:

    @carolina7747 I suppose to be technical, anyone could die from infection but it’s highly unlikely. You could die from an infection from an uncared for cut on your arm, even. If you go to a piercer who knows what they’re doing, and you take care of the piercing after you’ll be fine. They myths about numbing your face forever or bleeding out are untrue.

  17. ThexDoctorsxLie says:

    @kkaahh96 Hi there, I thought I would answer your question as I see it’s been up for almost a week and I don’t see a response. The first week or so of having a tongue piercing it’ll be swollen and will hurt so that may affect your ability to play. But once it’s healed in a few weeks you can do anything you can do without a tongue piercing. :] Hope this was helpful

  18. sarahthediva says:

    no,he just said he’s a body piercer/tattooist

  19. Pixie2253 says:

    If u use alcohol on it than it can heal as fast

  20. kkaahh96 says:

    So I was wondering how a tongue piercing could affect playing an instrument. Because I play trombone and I want a tongue piercing. If you could respond to me or make a vid that would be great! ^_^

  21. kdkkat says:

    He’s a doctor???

  22. ElizabethAnnOxx says:

    ive chipped ma tooth :L


    its for all kinds of peircings including your ears if they get badly infected thenyou can die

  24. jes3058 says:

    haha thats fuckin funni as hell lmao

  25. babyjohnjp says:

    i got snake eyes done on my tounge and i think my bar is to short but its not gonna suck in the balls … should i leave it ? change the bar?.. or take it out?

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