Body jewelry

Modern Warfare 2: Armor Piercing Veteran Tutorial

Body jewelry

Here is by far the best way to beat this level without much trouble on veteran difficulty. Just make sure your in the doorway. Also doing second last level tutorial with same strategy but show you you where to do it.

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  1. speedfunk says:

    @Mafwoof indeed when i did solo i discovered also thats one of the best spots when u want em to come to u just start jumping up and shoot some rounds.. u can also proceed to 1:11 behind pipes stacked up there (works best with 2 players) there they will come more ate ones and faster (dun have to wait long)

  2. crackerjack10995 says:

    1:28 straight ahead the container
    get in and jump snipe them easy as cake took me and my friend 5 minutes

  3. Drarkere says:

    Hard way

  4. Jmoore75860 says:

    anyone want help me with this on ps3?

    psn: joshitious75860

    i also have this game for 360

    gt : JMOORE75860

    but i haven’t unlocked but to charlie on it

  5. CubicSpartan says:

    i have a better way and i will tell u how on the second corner ther is a scafolding stand one player on the top one the bottom u get it no revives ill get a video

  6. looneylee10 says:

    barret is better on jugs

  7. Babasaurusrex says:

    the juggys front says get sum lol
    his back says kick me XD
    saw it in teh museum level

  8. Babasaurusrex says:

    @ThePoint238 2 controllers? dude thats sad, make a friend lol

  9. Mmmmgrolsch says:

    This is far to easy to do by getting on the Helipad with the Barret to be needing to do it this way. But this is a flawless tactic, impossible to fail it this way.

  10. TwoSkills says:

    wow i going use this thanks

  11. bubby156 says:

    We just both go prone on the helicopter pad and snipe them as they walk in that door.

  12. InvaderSlusk1994 says:

    i only noticed when i first played this that in the preloader, the juggernaut’s pack says GET SUM!.

  13. seahawkst24 says:

    if anyone needs help with this spec op or any other ones just message me. i’ve had them beat for a few months now and i want to play again!
    my gamertag is: DOUGHER 24

  14. calmetosis says:

    I was expecting How to do it Solo! ^^

  15. abiniz says:

    Wow thats amazing. Im gonna try that w my friend. Nice vid

  16. Redtir says:

    Nice way to do the Echo, my friend and I finished it not long ago after watching hehe 😀 btw what is the name of the song you have in the beginning and ending of the vid 😀

  17. Nolonar says:

    @Nolonar Correction 2: It also works with the Barret, but the Jug needs to be near death. It’ll probably work with all kinds of high caliber weapon when shooting at near death Jugs climbing on ladders.

  18. Nolonar says:

    @Nolonar Correction: The bug probably only works, when the Jug is near death and is still climbing. It’s a funny sight though.

  19. Nolonar says:

    There’s a very funny bug here.
    – Take the Intervention and the Barret (the Barret is optional but recommended)
    – Get to the point in 0:39 and take the ladder (the same sniper ladder as in the campain). If a Jug is already awaiting you, kill him (the Barret is best in this situation)
    – Wait behind the wooden wall for the Jugs and snipe through the holes in that wall.
    – If a Jug gets through, he’ll try to climb on the ladder. Wait for him to get to you and then shoot.
    – Enjoy the show 😉

  20. Rzabo2638 says:

    the begining music is cool check out ny friends video fallout 3 cube expairementel i know bad spelling it will show you so 🙂

  21. CrusaderLuke says:

    I used this strategy with high explosives aswell,
    it worked perfectly

  22. hazzachild says:

    nice tactic can u put some vids for other spec ops

  23. o0Condrag0o says:

    @madelinegerrish746 you must have a real problem then… in your head, posting this everywhere is not gonna make the copies to return to the shop, also, are you getting paid by Steam for all this advertising? If the aren’t you should really go and tell ’em what you doing

  24. charlieops says:

    nice strategy, im gonna try this out

  25. MegaCooley47 says:

    Help I have 52 and need the 60, my gt is goatfeasters, any help is appreciated

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