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56th PIERCING – VENOM PIERCINGS – My Healing Journey!

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25 responses to “56th PIERCING – VENOM PIERCINGS – My Healing Journey!”

  1. hossein755 says:

    dude or should i say dudet that you so much for this video and other ones cuz i want to get my middle tongue peirced and wanted to know what i should do and how to handle it even though your video was about snake tongue peircing…but thank you so much :):):):)

  2. hannuhoxox says:

    Thats so awesome im 14 & i got two ear piercings and a bellyring but i want mi tounge pierced and maybe the two manroes idk wat the name is for two,, i also think the nape is awesome

    ~~~ also my hair is exactly like yours but shorter its the top half with red splatt.. i have a blond streak in my bangs two i got in school suspension 1 day for my hair hahaha

  3. pishurrienta says:

    jajajajajajajajaja but its good ,,, no??? xD

  4. NicoleMusich says:


  5. TheOutlaw231 says:

    @KornIndulgence thanks that has really helped think i might have it done on Saturday

  6. Chrisloveszombies says:

    You should make a video of all the times you’ve showed your tongue on camera!
    hahaha! (:

  7. KornIndulgence says:

    @TheOutlaw231 I had mine done at your age like a year ago no you wont I’m a straight male doesn’t scar like facial piercings.Right now its only 2.4mm 10g

  8. TheOutlaw231 says:

    im 14 and thinking of havin my tounge pierced
    i really want it
    what shall i do?
    will i regret it? (i dont think i will !!)
    ps im a boy

  9. RyokoZero says:

    Well its good not to baby a tongue piercing anyway.
    Well you should know that.

  10. tbugwow says:

    Your accent is awesome and so are your piercings! haha :]]

  11. LiveLaughLovTwilight says:


    thats mean.

  12. TishaTragic says:


    stfu what r u sayin?

  13. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    @rebel175930 yes I know but her never look nicee

  14. rebel175930 says:

    @PregnantWhaleOnE well it isn’t going to be pretty during healing..

  15. RelaxDud3 says:

    this video was amazing, you are the best!

  16. TrevorRyan333 says:

    God I love you!! (:


  17. pedrospalmamusic says:

    i love you very very much, and i love piercings to, but PLEASE, dont get a tongue split, DONT DO THAT! is FOR EVER , your piercings not… peace

  18. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    your tonguee looks so nasty and gross….. like the ugliest ive ever seeen :l ..that’s bad cause i like venom…but not on you :l

  19. brittanyangelina says:

    You make me sick

  20. salz451 says:

    when u get old u take them out durrh lol i love them venoms 🙂 getting mine done by u promise 😀

  21. ttdebbie says:

    I though you’re not supposed to eat dairy

  22. rebel175930 says:

    i just got my venoms done last night.. and i had steak tonight.. cut up in small pieces and put on the side and ate that way.. the second one hurt a lot more than the first one.. and healing i have more of a lisp then when i had the middle one done.. i can not wait until it is completely healed

  23. AmberzandEmerz2015 says:

    now tht u have given me alot reasons why not EVER to get my tounge peirced….thx!!!THT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!

  24. supernohelia1 says:

    i love the way you talk and the way you look…. nice

  25. unicorn9214 says:

    did it hurt when you got your tongue done and is there a certin amount of time until you can start kissing again

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