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Lurker Of Chalice – Piercing Where They Might

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Band: Lurker Of Chalice Album: Lurker Of Chalice Song: Piercing Where They Might Year: 2005 Band Member(s): Wrest – All instruments and vocals

25 responses to “Lurker Of Chalice – Piercing Where They Might”

  1. logang666 says:

    @micol018 Why thanks you.

  2. micol018 says:

    @logang666 bravo era boy

  3. logang666 says:

    @micol018 Yes, the Finnish weather does a nice job of keeping it cold like ice cream.

  4. micol018 says:

    @logang666 so you eat Dimmu Borgir shit

  5. KoreshXIV says:

    @666SLAY3R666 check out coldworld and nagelfar, both german underground you wont regret it

  6. satanicalrambunction says:

    lurker of chalice is tremendous usbm one of my faves along with leviathan and crebain, suppose that is something i share here with some others in the comments, love the diversity here on the track musically esp with guitar tone

  7. hannahandjoey says:

    take the time to know what you’re talkin about, pussy.

  8. SerpenteNoire says:

    Work of art. Wrest never fails at putting suffering and darkenss into audials and essence. Fuck yes.

  9. marloweowsley says:



  10. marloweowsley says:



  11. maidenslayer says:

    Yeah In other words this is lurker of chalice who is Wrest who is Leviathan who is Jef Whitehead, lol.

  12. SmaracZesci says:

    Same here. Totally kills the rest of the song.

  13. ohBlackMetal says:

    i only hate it when the acustic guitar comes in and he starts fawken like.. singing pisses me off

  14. H8tredCoptor says:

    It’s truly fucking terrifying music! The intro is just as scary as the rest of the song! D: But I LOVE IT!

  15. masterlowsferatu says:

    Why that response? I wasnt trying to correct you man I was just saying that because I know how to play it thats all. No need to get shitty

  16. Hotler88 says:

    Don’t be a boner sucker all of your life, moron.

  17. masterlowsferatu says:

    Its not actually.. its all guitar. Its just a power chord bent slightly up and down.

  18. logang666 says:

    dimmu borgir eat shit

  19. LORDHATE76 says:

    Its good stuff, sick of people mentioning Judas Iscariot, pfft they had like 2 decent albums lol.

  20. SanFisVomitosis says:


  21. jkaiser07 says:

    Check out Shayol Ghul

  22. Hotler88 says:

    Who knows why little scrotes gave a thumbs down…frankly who cares. Yes, he is using a pitch bender on the keyboard and the ‘thumbs down person’ probably has no idea how musical instruments work.

  23. shipwrecks09 says:

    why thumbs down, I just don’t understand…that’s what I thought he was doing when I first heard it. Can the thumbs down person explain what it really is?

  24. facemeltaaargh says:

    This album…

    Fucking amazing.

  25. Hotler88 says:

    He is using a pitch bender on the keyboard to get that crazy sound, while the guitar chugs behind it. But yeah, it does kick some serious ass!

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