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Tongue frenulum piercing

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A tongue frenulum piercing is a body piercing through the frenulum underneath the tongue (frenulum linguae). These piercings are relatively simple piercings, and heal quickly, although they do have a tendency to reject over time. Depending on the anatomy of the individual, this piercing may not be feasible.

25 responses to “Tongue frenulum piercing”

  1. jaeminbahk says:

    omg people dont get this one professionally done, most easiest and least painful piercings everr. trust me. and i did mine couple of months back and it didn’t hurt and anything so i’m thinking about cutting my whole tongue web off to get a longer tongue lol

  2. teddybearslayer says:

    Is it gonna swell? I’m gonna be 16 tomorrow so I can get a piercing.. But I need to hide it from my parents.. I have a tattoo in my lip so my parents coulnd’t see it haha 😛

  3. mrshardkohr says:

    i have had this for two years, it doesnt hurt at all. i also did my cousins and my bestfriends lol. its the least painful piercing ever.

  4. sexmom101 says:

    i just did mine a bit ago in my room.. it kinda hurts but not bad and has my lip done i doo all mine myself besides my tongue im gonna get that from someone that knows what there doing. should i get it done even with my web piercing? what should i doo after piercing the web. please.

  5. blondie0016 says:

    I’ve had this piercing for 2 years now and its still doing good. I have a 14g straight barbell. I think these piercings look lame with curved barbells or circular rings!

  6. EpiclyFunny says:

    take it out is a good idea too

  7. 666mecesina666 says:


  8. helpmyfaceisonfire says:

    what did you use? if you are cleaning the peircing make sure the water is boiled NOT from the hot water tap and that there is ONLY salt in it. Dont wash it out too often and make sure you dont use too much salt as this can irritate the wound. The water should taste only slightly salty. if in doubt go to a proper shop and ask a professional.

  9. 666mecesina666 says:

    well i did my piercing by myself and i’m a little scared because it hurts a bit,but it’s the 2nd day today.I’m doing mouthwash all the time and i put some salt but i think its infected.what can i do? Is it always like that or only in the beginning? please help

  10. tiffiny09 says:

    your tongue hurts less than your lip for sure! and neither really hurt but i didnt feel my tongue at all

  11. kawaiisang says:

    I think it’s mouthwash ?

  12. AllieJohnston15 says:

    i agreee

  13. baggyasscat says:

    wow, im gettin mine done next week but im a tad scared, i had a dermal anchor put in my chest yesterday and that hurt, does anybody wanna give me advice? and how much it costs roughly?

  14. JessieRose69 says:

    yea, i got mine done in june 08,youre right, the do sometimes just grow right the fuck out. i can tell mine starting to migrate out, its not as deep in my web as it used to be.. o well. its still cool as hell, i play with this thing waaaayyyy too much!! hahahaha

  15. StarFanatic06 says:

    how much does it cost

  16. playabitch0 says:

    im tongue tied too .
    im gettin mines done next week .
    juss wnted to know .
    did it hurt ?

  17. bergerbutt says:

    So i got mine done and i like it alot. I actually got it because im tongue tied and i have a HUGE web too. The people at the parlor were laughing at mine! hahah… 🙂

  18. DimaKoZz says:

    i got my frenulum too it does’t hurt you hurt because you were nervus

  19. FeebyW says:

    im gonna go and get mine done tomorrow
    its the only thing i can hide from my mum

  20. mauy4 says:

    what is that blue-green liquid when she was irrigate her mouth after all??

  21. ShroomFace says:

    dude, i just pierced mine myself. It didnt hurt at all; but im super scared its gonna get infected..

  22. BlackFrost says:

    yeah you can talk completely normaly after. i did it myself, didnt hurt at all.

  23. benhdrums says:

    my sister ripped hers

  24. fatgalz13 says:

    Pierced mine myself, (:
    Its sweeeeeet

  25. toasterbarbies says:

    Is it easy to rip?

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