Body jewelry

My Tragus Piercing

Body jewelry

Damn, this hurt because of all the “pushes”

25 responses to “My Tragus Piercing”

  1. ilikesaltines says:

    You are so pretty! I am so jealous.

  2. RachaelFTW says:


  3. LeA200814 says:

    @madeinph what are you talking about “Antarctica”?? lol we live in the US

  4. madeinph says:

    @madisonjenna they live in antarctica..

  5. LeA200814 says:

    hahaha thank you! i think she’s hideous too lol

  6. mefsenbhs says:

    Taylor Swift looks like a rat that got in an accident with a semi. This girl is 200% more beautiful than that skinny blonde.

  7. HoneyBunny2895 says:

    the piercing looks cute but looks like it hurts alot :/! Btw your gorgeous 🙂 x

  8. AABrend says:

    yes it hurts really bad

  9. BabyJay9898 says:

    if i got this on both sides, would it hurt? cause im gonna get one this friday, hopefully! and i wanna know if you think it would hurt too much to get it on both sides or should i just get one side done? btw, your so pretty. but anyone can comment(: if they want.

  10. Kayluvscherries89 says:

    i cussed too when i got mine done! lol

  11. Ashleighilysfm says:

    mine was like my most painful piercing,but i like it[:

  12. jessbritt121 says:

    That looks like it hurts so bad!!!!

  13. POTCluvah says:

    Lol i know this is random but u look like taylor swift thts definetly a compliment XD

  14. breakingdawn323 says:

    i got mine done and it was worse then my industrial piercing. it was a lot of pressure and i felt it in my jaw but i have to say it is my faveorite

  15. alwaysandforeverX4 says:

    i wanna get mine done soo bad i just dont wanna cry ahah

  16. greenb814 says:

    you re one sexy mamma lol

  17. missthang822 says:

    i had mine done about a year ago and yeah that was definately more painful than anything ive had done thus far and i have 4 tattoos, with my belly button, tongue, cartilege, and lobes pierced.

  18. cdsmith1990 says:

    @malkien12, lobe piercing are normally 16 gauge (1.2mm) so yeah you should be able to.. i had my lobe done at 14 gauge with needle..

  19. Kizzzzzzi says:

    my piercer used a needle, because guns can damage the cartilage. the pain was quick but it’s still hurting me now. but i can handle it. i love my piercing. 🙂

  20. janling says:

    i had mine too last few days but it wasnt pain at all..well i dont know you used a needle or gun..i;m using gun and yeah there was the pop..

  21. Kizzzzzzi says:

    i had mine done today, and it is killing me right now. the actual piercing, not going to lie, does hurt. it’s really quick so you don’t have time to register the pain, but it does hurt. i never heard the pop which everyone talks about, but it could be because i was screaming so hard. & it bled so bad – i really wasn’t expecting that amount of blood. for me, though, it was definatly worth it and i have zero regrets.

  22. pimpsupandhoesdown says:

    helll no that shit looks painful i wud neva get that done eva

  23. jeloo69 says:

    that guys a fricken pervert ^

  24. aleeciarox09 says:

    I think im getting mine done. I reallii want it done :p

  25. BlancType6 says:

    yes 🙂

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