Body jewelry

jazzys hood piercing.

Body jewelry

oohhh man.. i so have big balls for doing this shit. it better pay off.

15 responses to “jazzys hood piercing.”

  1. DaltonArgue says:

    Eww whore

  2. XXXmouseXXX says:

    @paige3831 look it up but its a piercing of the skin just above your clit.

  3. k1money says:

    i want to get one she took it cool compare to the other chicks probably got ot get the lady address to do it for me

  4. paige3831 says:

    what is a hood pearcing

  5. rentealle says:

    That’s was hot

  6. daddyxclusiv says:

    shes pretty ==)

  7. TLM4977 says:

    I have mine done and love it!

  8. raychx3 says:

    its not so bad. if its painful think about how in a week that pain just wont be there anymore. thats what i did when i got mine. and as long as they do it right, its def more fun!

  9. shadowgear111 says:

    oh whats that your gonna put on my koochie

  10. chocolatefairydust says:

    “wooooh! mission complete”lol

  11. Pielettie says:

    I really want one, but I always cry when I get piercings. It’s the anticipation that kills.

  12. NOTxYOURxWHOR3 says:

    LMAO i thought it was belly button..

  13. sectorninebabe says:

    omgosh! you did so much better than I did lol

  14. xg15 says:


    I fell of my chair when I noticed what she is gettin pierced

  15. jimcass says:


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