Body jewelry

Pubic piercing

Body jewelry

my pubic piercing surface 26mm @1,6mm

24 responses to “Pubic piercing”

  1. squishycarter says:

    @Markdorsett22 that would be smack my bitch up by prodigy…

  2. Markdorsett22 says:


  3. xxUNREALxx1 says:

    lol@ 0:56 picking belly button lint

  4. allisarape says:


  5. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    looks nice, i think but…. surely you don’t keep it really a long time.

  6. nikkiholiday92 says:

    It looks great

  7. metroII says:

    How long have you had yours? I’m going 2 months with mine now. Surprisingly enough it does not hurt as people think.

  8. fergiebridge says:

    I love how she has a horseshoe probably for a gauged septum as her bracelet ha ha!

  9. DerUnglaublicheAlk says:

    Sry aber wenn ich sehe wie das Pubic da gestochen wird könnte ich der Trulla was aufs maul hauen…wie die da im Intim-gewebe rumstochert…mannmannmann…meins machen hat grade mal 20sec gedauert(klammer draufsetzen hat am längsten gedauert)dann en piks und feddich…grade,schmerzlos und mittlerweile gut verheilt!!! ABER BITTE NICHT SO!!!

  10. LordReserei says:

    It’s a weird but cool combo. ^.^

  11. MiaStar says:

    sounds the fuck like it lol

  12. twistedenjoyment says:

    aww wat if it got stuck on his zipper while he was pulling it up?? that would hurt like a mother fucker

  13. KillMexD says:

    that was very attractive.

  14. Bajsamajsa says:

    Wtf is this a remix of Prodigy and Enya? hahaha

  15. HayleyMarie93 says:

    Lol. Did you pick out belly button fluff ?

  16. sk8terchick1227 says:

    hes hot lol

  17. ashleyj93 says:

    that would get stuck on your trousers and freeking hurt

  18. melmothd says:

    even though I’m ok with piercings, I must say this one gave me nausea. and I’m eating!

  19. cvliff says:

    i want one

  20. Insincere69 says:

    yay. tez mam takiego ;33 i mnie strasznie bolało, zwłaszcza jak wyciągali igle, bo nie miałam wenflonu T_T

  21. HannibalCore says:

    you are so sweet 🙂

  22. zolzuniamyszkow says:

    na pewno, bo po czyms takim penis odpada 😮

  23. darii77 says:

    super to wyglada! Bolalo?

  24. misiek54 says:

    hell yeah!

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