Body jewelry


Body jewelry

(To all ppl who write smth like “how do you sleep?”, or “that type of piercing not gonna heal” – THATS PLAY PIERCING, WHAT MEANS ITS ONLY FOR FEW HOURS!!!) Corset Piercing Tattoo Studio Blackfly, Russia, Moscow 25.11.2006. Hooks?Up!

25 responses to “CORSET PIERCING”

  1. crossfireclone says:

    How far up your ass did your dad need to get his fist for you to grow up fucked up enough to get this kind of gay ass piercing?

  2. monique9cb says:

    you are insane i guess u handle pain really well lol

  3. IisSUMMERxx says:

    @TheEmoAlucard Most people don’t like black hair and black clothes and black make up..on both sexes, especially. Get a life and stop acting like an idiot.

  4. kissthewine666 says:

    Well, I’ve always been scared that I would put a lace in, and as I move around it would put the piercings

  5. Deper38 says:

    SICK !!

  6. TheEmoAlucard says:

    how come you all are aksing why someone would get this? It’s sexy as fuck!

  7. thegr33nbastard says:

    why oh why would you do that

  8. zeldamariehale09 says:

    How do you lay on that at night? It looks good when it’s done. But, how do you lay on your back?

  9. TheOioink says:


  10. Teaser7 says:

    FEW HOURS?? I wouldnt go throught that for few hours, it looks painful!!

  11. illbeurbaby4eva says:

    @EvanZman the back

  12. Rickat1964 says:


  13. MCmaxim777 says:

    omfg piercings gone overthe top lately

  14. nickidee15 says:

    @EvanZman down the back either side of the spine and then ribbons are used o join them up. Like a corset

  15. emmawxst says:

    it sound’s like you’re having it done in the middle of a mexican restaurant.

  16. ALECSF15 says:


  17. EvanZman says:

    Where on the body is that?? i can’t tell

  18. assailereda says:

    ouhhh shit

  19. CaitlinCupcakess says:

    Wow, very beautiful. I’ve wanted to get this done for a while now. Looks great on her,

  20. Que3NcIci says:

    crazy!!! how do u sleep like that>> what clothes are you going to wear >LOL> i would never do that. i get into alot of fights.. just think u fighting and someone touches it. gosh

  21. australianicon says:


  22. theebadnun says:

    fetish piercings 🙂

  23. theonlyonebuttwo says:

    haha i love the crazy music in the background

  24. dalviel says:


  25. CaliforniaKing64 says:

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