Body jewelry


Body jewelry

This coool girl is a regular at Salamander, all the piercings you see have been done at our studio. Here she is having her lastest cheek piercing..Check it out

25 responses to “CHEEK PIERCING”

  1. stolenbaby2008 says:

    @HorrorAnatomy0 well, any piercing is going to hurt since someone is shoving needles into your skin, unless you have a high pain tolerance, and yes, since it’s on the cheeks, there’s always going to be two little holes there forever, but they won’t be huge. I don’t have my dimples pierced and don’t want them, but when I got my lip pierced it really wasn’t that bad at all, and I don’t really have a high pain tolerance. If you think you can handle it & don’t mind the little scars, get them. 🙂

  2. kieferdamann says:

    I did this at home for kicks.
    With a sharp ass bike spoke!

  3. cheekwounds says:

    @DRAMA702ES he doesn’t take nearly enough time lining them up though! the dimples are permanent!

  4. DRAMA702ES says:

    -Dam This Is The First Piercer I See That Marks The Spot Before Piercing It Lol Thats Really Good Tho Im Guessing:}

  5. burningangel85 says:

    beautyful work guys!love it

  6. SugarPlumCheese says:

    Are the bars plastic? :S

  7. Babysykesx says:

    Is a cheek piercing like a micro dermal piercing?

  8. lizzieytish says:

    @karlyla Haha yes, same here!! I am getting this done in about 4 days (on the 20th) and I’ve actually spoken to the piercer several times over the phone (I live about 50 miles away from the shop) about how she does it, care, etc etc. I’ve had to wait super long for my appointment because everyone wants HER to do their work because she’s the only local person who does things the right way. I could have had this done weeks ago, by someone who doesn’t go the extra mile AND CHARGES DOUBLE. lol.

  9. sabyRIOT says:

    hüpsches mädel schicke pericings^^

  10. AlfieFrankel92 says:

    good song its disturbed

  11. karlyla says:

    This is the First video I’ve seen of this piercing where the piercer actually measures it out and does everything properly, good to see some places still know what they are doing, not just poking random holes in peoples faces 🙂

  12. amindofmyownhere says:

    sounds like disturbed in the backround?

  13. Gingividus says:

    @ILOVEROCKMUSIC100 have you had anything peirced, if so it feels no different just like a little pinch

  14. Gingividus says:

    lol they are playing indestructible by disturbed in the backround

  15. HorrorAnatomy0 says:

    I want but… doesn’t hurt? and when you remove the piece the holes on yout cheeks are notorious? I mean does it leave scar or something??

  16. ILOVEROCKMUSIC100 says:

    can i ask what waas it he sprayed? can i want this but im scared incase it hurts

  17. roseflower21 says:

    saw you at matalan today still love your piercings your hair is pretty cool too but it looks like torture! 😉

  18. SkunkAG says:

    @peachylaaa Love you too peachy! Come see me soon! I need to meet that baba

  19. SkunkAG says:

    @ctaylor098 17 piercings and counting. Na they wern’t too bad.

  20. SkunkAG says:

    @MichelleSilence Just for abit after having them done

  21. SkunkAG says:

    They have o_o Google it.

  22. SkunkAG says:

    @MichelleSilence Just for abit after having them done

  23. SkunkAG says:

    They have o_o Google it.

  24. SkunkAG says:

    They have o_o Google it.

  25. SkunkAG says:

    I do alternative hairdressing for people. Only need to ask if you want it doing 🙂

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