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Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Body jewelry

Me geting my horizontal tongue piercing at rings of fire in San Antonio, Texas. Piercer Rodger

25 responses to “Horizontal Tongue Piercing”

  1. idelia18 says:

    i Want My Tongue Dne Soooo Fuqkin Bhad Buht im Scared It Might Hurt! *Does it Hurt??

  2. secksandbondage says:

    hey i love this piercing, I want to get one but im afraid id constantly be biting it. I have like 16 piercings..2 in my tongue and a verticle, the verticle was the worst and i seen you mentioned you had it done? so how much worse is it..for the first time being done?

  3. C0l0MBiANA727 says:

    @UCzDwella201 its been almost a year now that i got it done but everythings fine with it and give it time it took me about a month to talk and eat without biting it .

  4. UCzDwella201 says:

    hey i just got mine done yesterday… i want to know how it is going for you??? so kinda uncomfortable foe right now

  5. LaLiZ3407 says:

    it looks so good 🙂

  6. babyclements101 says:

    Now I want another 1

  7. cherrys881 says:

    thats so cute

  8. snl1127 says:

    i couldnt even pay attention, i was too busy looooolling @ elf in the background lmao

  9. Dr0cKz says:

    I Lik IT ALot, I Might Get Both Done Soon.

  10. secksandbondage says:

    Love it, was it really hard to keep – like were you always biting the balls? id think you would be

  11. jaylowelflow says:

    i had that lip pieceing the dude had but i changed it the left side and tht tongue pieceing looks like it herts for like 5 seconds

  12. PRETTYPINKY2O11 says:

    I got my piercing on my belly ears and 2 on my touque at the sametime

  13. xPoptartt says:

    Dude. WHY film sideways? Nnngh.

  14. DarkAnGeLl1993 says:

    Tuh! WHy he gone ask that after the fact! Talking bout do you want me to put smaller balls!

  15. xxinkiesxx says:

    it looks really good 😀

  16. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    Do you talk weird when you have this piercing ? doest it broke your theets ?

  17. Rudewomantt says:


  18. fallendude01 says:

    ohhh gotcha, thank you!

  19. C0l0MBiANA727 says:

    i smoke too its just all about keeping it clean during the healing process – i became obsessed with keeping it clean

  20. C0l0MBiANA727 says:

    as you can see by my expression its not bad at all .. getting my vertical re pierced hurt more then the horizontal & that still was nothing.

  21. fallendude01 says:

    wait, you mean none of them hurt as much as your horizontal tounge did? like that was the worst? or what? cuz im thinkin of getting mine done.

  22. star2756 says:

    dat skyt is so fukkn awsome it look good

  23. bunnyboo809 says:

    That piercing hurts like hell worst piercin pain ever I got it done twice

  24. thedevilwearsabby says:

    did thaat hurt?:o i wanna get mines pierced.

  25. princesspropane11 says:

    I’m never getting my tounge pirced

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