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SEPTUM PIERCING – My experience

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my experience on my septum piercing, if it hurt and how long it took to heal etc… Body piercing group & forum: Join to get the most out of your body modification experience! WANT TO BUY PIERCING JEWELERY OFF ME? GO TO

25 responses to “SEPTUM PIERCING – My experience”

  1. halo3izkool says:

    can anyone post a video how to clean a bridge piercing or a earl because im getting mine in 2 days

  2. CottonCandySammyXD says:

    Dude..I’m so comfortable about getting my septum done now after I watched this
    My parents are strict and a girl is piercing mine for free:)
    And Im so happy I will be able to flip it up right afterrr:)
    I was kinda scared about it but now I’m nottt:)

  3. Reppinniggz says:

    Was your septum pierced through the sweet spot or through the cartilage. I was pierced through the cartilage :'( and i was wondering if i could stretch it? It’s fucking hurts those crusties going through. I got mine done last wednesday and it’s going good. Easy piercing to have but fucking painful to be pierced. My ear cartilage was a billion times worse than this. Still swells occasionally and gets crusties even though it’s been 3 months. It won’t heal. Gahhh

  4. AfroPunkprincess says:

    I thought they didn’t pierce the cartilage!!!
    like they find the “sweet spot”, like the skin below it>_<

  5. pandalove127 says:

    I just got my septum pierced a week ago, and my piercer was on ripley’s believe it or not. He didn’t use a clamp or anything on mine. Just felt for the sweet spot, and shoved the needle thru. It isn’t crooked either!! I love it!

  6. xxdie4lovexx says:

    i got my septum done, she was very got, the clamps hurt more that the needle and she was very professional about it and i fiped it up literally 5 min after i got it pierced, i had to pull my nose/lip down abit before it would go up so yerr… <3

  7. CarrieCumfest says:

    Apparenly it’s not supposed to go through the cartilage, it’s supposed to go through the thin skin between the lump at the bottom of the nose and the cartilage…

  8. emoflowerz says:

    I had a double septum piercing but I took one out cuz it was a little hard to hide and also to breathe

  9. kyleerox9191 says:

    i luv ur vids i really want my septum pierced so bad but im too scared!

  10. blahhxblah says:

    But when you flip it up right away, wouldn’t it be a little tender? D: lol I’m just curious, I’m planning on getting mines done this week.

  11. blahhxblah says:

    But when you flip it up right away, wouldn’t it be a little tender? D: lol I’m just curious, I’m planning on getting mines done this week.

  12. Dankwhales5 says:

    I got my septum peirced about a week ago and it dident hurt at all for me. And it’s healing great. And still dosen’t hurt (:

  13. killalot44 says:

    i used to have my septum done but it unfortunatly had to be removed because of a bad piercing, which was pierced DIAGONAL. as u can imagine, from this position the piercing would be very very painful, which it was. but i have to remove it because it was crooked and started to grow out on one side, i plan to get it re-pierced in the near future (Y)

  14. XvalogramX says:

    Mine hurt like a bitch because my friend did it in her room, and we used a hollow needle from a feed store, so we shoved the ring in the hollow part after we pierced it and it took fucking forever, then we lost the ball on the ring so we had to use another one and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get it through.
    I had to change the ring about three times the week I got it done, and had to flip it up constantly to hide it, so yeah. Haha, but completely worth the agony.

  15. Cuzzins14 says:

    Isn’t it not supposed to go through the cartilage?

  16. AlternativeRobbie says:

    Lol my boyfriend has his done, only he had it stretched for a while, but he can have his out for months at a time aswell and then pop a ring back in no problem.

    I’m really wanting mine pierced =] But the way my nose is (kinda long and pointy), it’d look better if it was far back, almost against my ‘lip’ / base of my nose. But that’d be going through some pretty heavy cartilage, soo;

    #1 is that possible

    #2 Is it be REALLY hard and REALLY painful to do?

  17. ChelseaLovesBvb says:

    swollen so thats good and it hasnt been red and it doesnt hurt unless i get hit but i ought a new circular barbell yesterday and put it through and it didnt hurtt and so its is going really good

  18. ChelseaLovesBvb says:

    I did mine myself like 5 days ago and i hurt bad cause the first time i had to stop and tell my dog tto stop barking cause it was3 in the morning then it hurt to bad so i took it out and an hour later i did it again and did it always through but then i couldnt move it to get my circular barbell in and when i finely did i had to stick it through and i couldnt get it throught the left side so i had to pop it through and ive been cleaning it good and so theres been no crusties and it hasnt been

  19. Randomstuffinfo says:

    i thought it wasn’t supposed to go through cartilage? mines just through the “sweet spot” likethe soft part.

  20. reivenne says:

    They shouldn’t have gone through the cartilege…. unless you asked for it or you dont have a sweet spot. Mine wasnt too bad, Im pretty sure the piercer used the wrong type of clamp for me, and the clamp was excruciating but the piercing was like a feather by comparison 😛 Its only been about a week since I got mine done and it tickles like anything and is still a little sore but seems to be healing okay, even though Ive been flipping it up and down all week 😛

  21. Mayahgetsbeatcom says:

    It depends on your tolerance for pain. Some people say it’s unberably painful and others say they didn’t feel a thing. I personally thought is was absolutely painless. I didn’t feel a thing except the tugging when the circular barbell was being put in. So unless you have one, Just shut up. You just sound stupid.

    Have a good day now!

  22. FatAndFriendShow says:

    I did mine my own and it didnt hurt.

  23. erresistable says:

    I love how everyone says it doesn’t hurt. Its clearly bullshit if you say it doesn’t hurt. Stop sounding so tough guys and admit you probably bawled your face off.

  24. konohagakuree says:

    how did it go?

  25. MeganTheHobo says:

    i did mine myself about two months ago. it didn’t hurt. now i cant feel it at all [:

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