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Smiley Piercing

Body jewelry

Phaedra getting her smiley pierced at Dermagraphic Osmosis by Elwood, again. To clear some stuff up: 1. no, you usually can’t see a smiley piercing. that’s because you see it when you SMILE. 2. does that make it pointless? i don’t know, are nipple piercings pointless? 3. i’ll repeat this: i wasn’t getting pierced here; this is my buddy. however, i’m sure the pain was minimal and that it healed rather quickly. most oral piercings are like that… 4. some of you kids have way too much time on your hands. go play outside. thanks & enjoy!

25 responses to “Smiley Piercing”

  1. WeAreNinja1 says:

    holy fuck that made me cringe in pain >.<

  2. 1313clover1313 says:

    I did mine on my own and I had to gauge it bigger but I took it out and there is a bump is that normal?

  3. TarkanIV says:

    some ppl like some doesen’t I’m one of those who doesen’t but I’m happy as long as the one who got piercings is happy 😀

  4. SwaggerificCass22 says:


  5. babybayybayy says:

    there isn’t a piercing that is pointless, if the person getting it pierced wants it, it’s not pointless. i have my nipples pierced and let me tell you they aren’t pointless even though most people will never see them

  6. Polfuropsy says:

    What gives people the right to hate on someone they don’t know? Sure you can state your opinion, but do it in a NON rude way. Seriously, you people disgust me with your ignorance. BTW; I thought everything about this was fantastic, truely. 🙂 I can’t wait to get more piercings myself, to bad I’m only 14 :C.

  7. iSpiffyy says:

    @Unacknowlaged your pee is oddly colored. o_o

  8. amorsgotsoul123 says:

    @pandababyforever monroes dont hurt at all, mine tickled! 😀

  9. OmfgJJsikBITCH says:

    Oh wow that’s an interesting coloured hair. I didn’t know you could go so blond.

  10. RachelLovesJLS1 says:


  11. MashekZamashek says:

    @BabyJay9898 I agree. It’s really shitty to see (u have lucky if u can see it!).
    it’s pointless.. and once again- ugly.

  12. AlysiaCupcakee says:

    I did mine my self, it didn’t hurt like at all.!

  13. mammerz says:

    I think its quite nice! its all up to the individual where they want it..may have some kind of meaning to them…more power to the people who can withstand the pain! jess

  14. pinkpinkie67 says:

    u look like an animated sim

  15. ChibiKitteh221 says:

    Hloy crap what was that? that was awesome haha!
    i have mine done 🙂
    it feels really neat and haters need to shurt the fuck up 🙂

  16. lamepeopleforlifex3 says:

    Your really pretty 🙂 jussayinnn :L x

  17. dancinbabekg says:

    well fuck everyone else,i think its deadly (: im getting my tongue web done tomoz so that should give some people something to ‘ew’ about :L

  18. X3ohboii says:

    that is sick.

  19. Puppydogz101 says:

    I’ve always wanted to get that done!
    How much does it hurt??

  20. Slipknotyk06 says:

    I want to call BS on all those that think this was ugly and all that. Plus, the girl was FARKING HOT!!!11!!! lol

  21. xXxRaybabeXxX says:

    wow YELLOW hair! :3

  22. ImSoRandom567 says:

    wow, that is pain. props to you.

  23. ilovelemonysnicket says:

    Is it uncomfortable?

  24. jahnessahh says:

    Wow. There are a lot of haters here.
    I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s her body!
    I wouldn’t want to get that piercing either, but you don’t have to bash her.
    I think that the piercing is weird, but it’s kinda cute. 🙂

    Besides, you won’t have to see it, if she were reading the comments about her from the bashers, she won’t have a reason to smile. 😉

  25. mystify23 says:

    nice C:
    is it hurt?

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