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venom piercing

Body jewelry

me getting my venoms done, kinda as a birthday gift. they went so fast! LOL DON’T MIND THE REALLY WEIRD FACES I MAKE. carizza, luv u 4 holding my hand.

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  1. jencutie01 says:

    I love how an old lady is doing it.

  2. xxROMANTICDEATH says:

    @bataxeman the first two weeks were worst. i could hardly talk without drooling and the swelling wasn’t painful but just hard to cope with, especially with eating (i stuck to mostly soup and i recommend avoiding salt). i do still have them (it will be 3 years this summer) and no they haven’t chipped my teeth at all

  3. bataxeman says:

    I’m considering getting Venom’s done. If you dont mind answering how was it for the first couple days. Also do you still have them nad have you chipped any teeth?

  4. dboard9 says:

    Who was the piercer lady? I want her !

  5. sprockz17 says:

    @GothicPrincess21212 well her hair is more of an orange not red 😛

  6. Brokenheartangelbby says:

    i love how smoking in the boys room was playing in the background

  7. jittertyper says:

    Did the swelling actually use up all of the extra length that she placed in your mouth… as they looked really long…???

  8. velvetvervet says:

    nothing like getting pierced by someones grandmother!

  9. alyssasetsfire says:

    piercing vid on my channel
    Show me yours I’ll show you mine. ;D

  10. natureslove18 says:

    That older woman is AWESOME! I have never seen an older woman piercing and that is so cool! By the way, you are very pretty!

  11. deidarasfangirl223 says:

    haha smokin in the boys room love that one

  12. riveragera says:

    you did great i cant wait for mines i got my tounge piericed and i drooled alot too but yuh bleed alot

  13. Canadianstar200 says:


  14. stevensuwanasung says:

    im so geting those next lol.

    you are cute to U^.^U

  15. ashleeinvader says:

    okay.. where did you get these done? i want mine done but i cant find a place that has the balls to do it

  16. LyndseyLaceration says:

    I love how its an older lady doing it. xDD.

  17. ilikesaltines says:

    Haha you drooled. I love your hair!

  18. ckootood says:

    wow mine didnt even bleed… you handled it good for a girl though, i seen tons of girls cry when they got it LOL

  19. RushMetalXTC says:

    @xxROMANTICDEATH $45 for a barbell is pretty expensive isnt it ? i get mine for $3.90 a piece , currently i have 5 in my single tongue piercing 🙂 lol

  20. skygirl12 says:

    yuuuuum blooood

  21. jdivergh22 says:

    i got my tongue pierced(single) two weeks ago and love it! lol i also love how Toby Keith is playing in the background for a tattoo/piercing shop lols…nothing against country just an odd place to play it at lol

  22. 1nOnlyMrsFerFer says:

    What did she say about ur endorphins workin on the 1st one? I listened 3 times and didnt hear it!

  23. Haxorzero says:

    Ive been wanting this done for awhile.
    Do you mind sharing, Was it painful to get both done, like the soreness?
    I have one normal tongue piercing,
    And i thought it was hard to close my mouth with one long bar!
    Girl, howd you close yours with two! 😛
    Do share 😀 Im in love with this piercing, and wanting it VERY bad. <3 Thx.
    Looks good on yah.

  24. righteous2222 says:

    I wanna get venoms done, I already got snakebites

  25. tanisha50391 says:

    thats crzy g

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