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Body Piercing Tips : How to Wear a Nose Ring

Body jewelry

To wear a nose ring, choose from either a captive B ring, a corkscrew or nostril screw, a nose bone or a horseshoe ring. Wear a nose ring with tips from a licensed piercer in this free video on body modification. Expert: Tristan McCauley Contact: Bio: Tristan McCauley has been piercing for two years after a 9-month apprenticeship under Brian Price, a 12-year veteran in the craft. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

25 responses to “Body Piercing Tips : How to Wear a Nose Ring”

  1. jessin128 says:

    wow i can hear all the enthusiasm in his voice

  2. ratbone39 says:

    so i want it on the left side?

  3. deez723 says:

    the guy int he vid says early 90’s to late 90’s bout one of the nose rings, then says somewhere in between that…

    hey fuckstick!!!!! that can be just called the 90’s! LMAO

  4. deez723 says:

    i had my balls pierced and started ejaculating after the session.. and it was wonderful

  5. crushcrushcrush081 says:

    when i got my nose done it didn’t hurt at all. It just bled instantly the minute the needle went through and bled for like five minutes

  6. AyeYirMa says:

    nose piercings are 1 of the most painful but, it depends on the person. it made my leg jerk but it only lasted a few seconds. my friend got hers, she didnt flinch n the guy turned round n said “grown men have cried more than you just did” LOL
    i’ve got a horse shoe ring but i can’t get the ball on!

  7. cosmokramerrules says:

    such a dumb fucking fad

  8. Zidefo says:

    Did my septum 7 weeks ago, and it’s still not completely healed. Wearing a circular barbel in it, and its awesome!

  9. RainbowRatatouille says:

    Nose piercings don’t hurt that much guys 😀 Im 14 and had mine done on saturday, piece of piss, sure, it brings tears to your eyes, but its nothing much 😀 Doesn’t the guy on the right looks pissed off to be there? XD

  10. HuslahHunnii90 says:

    healing depends on your body. it could take 2-6 weeks for a piercing on the nose to heal. like i heal kinds slow when it comes to piercings but my boyfriends septum healed really quick-about 3 weeks completely. if it hurts when you try to move it let it alone and cover it with a band aid thats close to your fleshtone.

  11. akatsukifranco says:

    hahah yeah

  12. woahmimi says:

    lol the other guy was just there sitting XD

  13. L3ft2D13 says:

    sure it does the hoop one def looks like a ring

  14. natalie1605 says:

    why does everyone call it a nose ring when its a stud.. type thing. doesnt look like a ring.

  15. Minority93amy says:

    none ;D

  16. WkdGal3 says:

    yeah on the b one how do you put the lil ball on nbut not from in the septum on the side the lil ball wont click in i have been ttryin all day and im soo pissed off becasue it wont click on!!!! HELP!!…X

  17. XPiNKS87X says:

    12yr Olds shouldn’t be getting pierced yet!…bad parenting!!..or if your the child it’s best to wait it out.

  18. YUMMIY says:

    What type of nose ring to you recemend for a 12 year old.

  19. polalalab says:

    It’s actually like a month or two but it really hurts.

  20. sicktkdchick says:

    its not healed yet!! they should have told you that!! it takes like 6 weeks to heal i think.

  21. TheJman808 says:

    lol and at 0:35

  22. TheJman808 says:

    check out at 0:30-0:32, I caught him sticking finger, lol. XD

  23. polalalab says:

    I do have my nose ring & what Im using is the Nose Bone but, BUT when I try to remove it, it hurts! Uh yeah, it hurts a lot!

  24. xXxforeverxXxgonexXx says:

    u can go swimming with one but i got mine done and went swimming and was on a float and my sister flipped me off and i grabbed my nose and it came out and bleed everywhere cuz of the force i guess and so we had to find a tiny stud in 6 feet of water before i closed up so my advice just put a bandage over it before hand..

  25. kellieerenee says:

    can you go swimming with a nose ring?

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