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Snakebite Piercing

Body jewelry

****READ THIS*** Me Getting Snakebites In Mettle Nettle,Chelmsford, United Kingdom On Wednesday The 13th Of May, 2009. Nettie (The Piercer) Was Lovely & Friendly, & Professional, Easy To Talk To & Just A Great Lady. Thanks For Watching, ^__^ (I Highly Recommend Mettle Nettle). Special Thanks To Nettie For Doing A Great Job, My Friend Rick For Filming This For Me & Coming Along, & My Mum, My Rock. Thanks So Much You Guys! n___n NO THEY DID NOT HURT. PLEASE DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ASKING THIS. I didnt scream in the video in pain did i! Go find out for yourself if they hurt, thats what i done! I personally didnt feel any pain, i felt the needle go through but it didnt hurt, ^_^ Thanks for all the lovely comments about my hair, & for anyone who posts an ‘insulting’ comment about my hair, why watch the video if you dont like it?

25 responses to “Snakebite Piercing”

  1. Abulfin says:

    is that ur real hair!!?? :O wow fair clas!! and did it hurt gettin it done btw???

  2. atmdc says:

    Nobody is a label! were all human beings!

  3. Naruto160061 says:

    Duuude, awesomesauceties ! I really love that top…and the Snake Bites ! <3 They must have tingled and felt wierd xD so...I wanna get these, but my mum says when i'm older i'd regret it, 'cause i'd have these two holes in my mouth...but...I don't really intend on living to my sixties...besides, pearls anyone ? =P But seriously, how'd you convince yours ? =D

  4. eviltattooedkitten says:

    The hair is awesome, good color on you, you’re a very pretty young lady… the barrettes are cute… this was the perfect piercing for your face as well! 🙂 Dont let people who say negative things get to you… It’s their insecurities that make them say those things. Rock on girlie!

  5. tiffanyandfaith says:

    Did they numb your lip at first? Or were they just cleaning it?

  6. LivviLULLABY says:

    Omg your soo pretty xxx and i loves yourr hair do you have myspace <33?

  7. ash91136 says:

    You’re very gorgeous (: And your hair is amazing, it kind of looks like a blue and green lion ^_^

  8. 0171825 says:

    hmmm.. yur so cute .. hey my hair was like this .. accept bigger .. but i cut it for graduation.. 🙁
    but heyy yu freakin hottz lol

  9. rockaliciousbabe says:

    LUSH HAIR!!! O,.,O How do you spke it up? mine wont sta when I do it >,.,< and i want thes piercinges too! =D parents would fucking kill me though 😉 haha!

  10. TayzyyProductions says:

    you hair is amazing :O you are truly beautiful (:

  11. BombdiggidyTV says:

    Did they hurt???

  12. Artitude415 says:

    Love the hair ..i adore it

  13. Metalschild94 says:

    I’m In Love with ur Hair, and ur cute :3 I want Snakebites tooo 🙁 Its so fucking awesome! :DDD

  14. umcsk8 says:

    i love you?!:L your so cute

  15. MasterOfHerbs says:

    Thank you for posting this video up! You look so Great with he snakebite’s, they really suit you.

  16. SteviausaurusRexx says:

    Youre Cute ^-^ & Thanks for posting this, it helped alot 🙂

  17. Electricguitarchic95 says:

    Looks painful….I want it done so bad, but I’m scared to…

  18. weheartcupcakes says:

    u didnt even blink when u get them! did it hurt?

  19. EveyEverlasting says:

    ur hair is my idol 😀

  20. XxRawraKenzxX says:

    Finally! A girl that does her hair like me! I love it hun 🙂 my family makes fun of me cuz, I do that to.

  21. xXSKULLZluvzDEATHEXx says:

    awesom hair!!! i <3 it!! :]

  22. SwEEtCrAzyCaKes says:

    youre really pretty and i love your snakebites 🙂
    it looked like its didnt hurt at all! haha

  23. hipporules01 says:

    I want Snake Bites, my mate said they hurt and im a wimp, did they hurt?

  24. warriorofdeath1220 says:

    i love your hair and snake bites look really good on you

  25. UnreliableVampire93 says:

    I love your hair!!

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