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Piercing my Angel Bites – FallenAngeL

Body jewelry

This video is me piercing me Angel bites. The footage is is done a week apart. Enjoy and done forget to subscribe. To download song, go to

25 responses to “Piercing my Angel Bites – FallenAngeL”

  1. ModxMovement says:

    lol. we got a bleeder.

  2. yeahbloc says:

    Oh my Freaken Gowd!! Youre freaken hardcore!!!

  3. TheSatsNo1fan says:

    you look really good with piercings 🙂

  4. laauraaarrr says:

    gosh, you did well 🙂
    i want to pierce my monroe once i get hold of some foreceps, a needle and some studs.
    Piercings really suit you! 😀

  5. irockskinniesx3 says:

    You should be a piercer lol ;D

  6. xXxXxginaxXxXx says:

    what length bar did you initially pierce with? and also what length bioflex bar did u change it too after healing 8mm?

  7. NikkiSuarusRex says:

    I totally get wet over ur accent!! ur awesome girl!

  8. moniquerhorer1 says:

    thies piercings look good on u i just got mine done sadly i think there a little off but i really like them

  9. bebephoque123 says:

    Relax! :O

  10. XXxXxMeDuSaxXxXX says:

    i have a ? i just got my angel bites done and my lip is still swollen the flat part at the end of the stud is like cutting into my lip like do i wait till it gets unswollen or what?

  11. ilovewwe12341 says:

    she’s so fucking beautfiul.

  12. duyuctaz says:

    shit is hardbody.

  13. duyuctaz says:

    @MoreAMusicKindaGirl shit she is wierd but thats what makes her cool and different.

  14. amberdenise44 says:

    @scmxc14 – I knew what I was doing. And, What do you mean did am I just treating it like any other piercing?

  15. scmxc14 says:

    @amberdenise44 did u know what u were doin? or u jus treatin it lk any other piercin?

  16. amberdenise44 says:

    I pierced my own Monroeeee.

  17. hellobrittneyx says:

    Okay well I thought that you’d be the best person to ask this so I’m going to ask you.(:
    Well I want to get a piercing on my lip. I’m not sure what type of piercing I’m going to do but I think I’m going to do a double labret. I have to hide it from my parents for sure and I can’t get a bioflex bar because then I’d have to use my mom’s credit card and she’ll ask what I’m buying. All I have is two studs from my previous ear piercings. What do I do?

  18. XxPiErCiNgAdDiCtXx says:

    awsome im going to pirce the other side of my lip too match my right side snakee bites i will give you a video responce when i do iht haha also i am going to pierce my venoms lol

  19. LoveLoveMEIDO says:

    awesome! ^^ im getting my angel bites in a few months for my 18th. i wish i had the courage to do it by myself, but alas, im too squeamish. 😛

  20. onetimecake says:

    Hay wait does it hurt ?

  21. DarkishKiss says:

    lol..dont mind my typos -.-‘

  22. DarkishKiss says:

    wow your so pretty ^_^ Im thinking of getting angle checking out videos to see if it hurts a lot or not.. =P lol.. your eyes are geourgeous <3


  23. SceneKiidz says:

    Gosh! Awesomee Ear Piercing, Dear (; .

  24. MyNeverEvermore says:

    ok, so you have/had a vertical labret at one time, did you do that yourself? and what did you think of that particular piercing? i’m thinking of getting one in a few months. thx!

  25. 11jojo1996 says:

    nice piercingsive just had my lip pierced and now i want my hand pierced bridge of my nose and eye brow

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