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Piercing: All You Need to Know on Belly Button Piercing (Info)

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All you need to know about belly button piercing care. Note: I am not a professional, nor do I do piercings on other people, nor am I a doctor to give you medical advice to your specific need. Please consult your doctor if you do not see any results after this video. Price: Varies, but mine was $40, it can go up to $120. Place: You can get pierings at piercing shops/tattoo shops, a lot of places will have a lit up sign int he window saying that they do piercings. Pain; The pain between one and 10 on my experience was about a 6. It only hurt because the lady who did it, did not do it right and she stuck the needle in really really slow. Jewlery: They have the jewlery at the place, the metal it is made out of I believe was titanium, but once its finished you can get it in gold, silver, etc. QUESTIONS: Q. WHEN CAN I CHANGE MY PIERCING? A. You’re suposed to wait until there is NO IRRITATION, PUS, OR BLOOD coming from the piercing. You want to make sure your confident its healed enough to change the piercing. It ranges from 2-6 months. Q. IS BLOOD OR PUS NORMAL? A. Yes. Blood and pus are normal off and on, usually do to healing, infection, or a distrubance. If you following the cleaning ritual I will give you and it doesn’t go away, consult your doctor. Q. CAN I PIERCE IT MYSELF/ CAN A FRIEND PIERCE IT? A. Yes. But do I reccomend it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Having a non professional pierce your belly button can leave it crooked, make it a lot more painful, and is more prone to

25 responses to “Piercing: All You Need to Know on Belly Button Piercing (Info)”

  1. OfficialRandomosity says:

    what do you recommend with my ear being infected? it kinda sorta a bump on the hole,i cant really describe it,but like a huge pimple. its like a ball.its pops out on both sides of my ear.right now its small,but im kind of scared O_O

  2. ladyneachy says:

    My piercer told me to DONT USE ALCOHOL! because my piercing is fresh!

  3. gabster700 says:

    does the clamp really hurt?

  4. BryD09 says:

    i have 15 more days till i can change my belly rring and i really want to change it and wen i go to clean it puss comes out but due to that factor do u think it would be ok if i can still change it?
    please answer my guestion

  5. lauriegnade says:

    i’m getting mine on monday 😉
    u think i could swim 2-3 weeks after?

  6. LeangelCastillo93 says:

    can i clean it wit alcohol??

  7. Sebell0013 says:

    Thanks for the video. I’m going to get mine done for my birthday on June 17th, and I was kinda worried, about how to take care of it and all of that stuff. So thank you, very much.

  8. aveil85 says:

    @liveelovecollab DO NOT PIERCE IT YOURSELF! it is hard enough as it is for a professional to do it! And make sure it is the right metal if you do because if not it could lead to disaster! Or a lot of pain for nothing! Just go to a pro and pay the $40!

  9. aveil85 says:

    @NCFigureSkater13 yes but it needs to be sterilized at least once or twice a week like i said i prefer alchohol swabs!

  10. aveil85 says:

    @MiiCHOACANA1 I’m actually male! I’m straight Ihave mine! I suggest you use alchohol swabs! It obsorbs into the piercing and around the area it reduces redness, infection, pain and swelling!

  11. aveil85 says:

    I’m actually male! I’m straight Ihave mine! I suggest you use alchohol swabs! It obsorbs into the piercing and around the area it reduces redness, infection, pain and swelling! the reason it is probably swollen is because it is deeper than you think!

  12. liveelovecollab says:

    heey, can it kill you? like it getting infected.. cause im 12.. and im peircing it tonight. and I wanna make sure I dont die..

  13. DisasterDeborahx says:

    @MiiCHOACANA1 I dont know to be honest. Mine was crooked too, but it sorted it out once it finished healing. Its very well possible the swelling, especially if you got a ring or captive.

  14. MiiCHOACANA1 says:


  15. 123HipHoppin says:

    could u hit a nerve?

  16. NCFigureSkater13 says:

    belly ring question… help!!! ive had my bellyring for like 2 months now and this white/yellow puss stuff keeps comming out of it… normal or rejecting? help!!!

  17. iWANThimx says:

    hey i have a question.. well i got mi belly piercing done like 5 months ago.. nd wen i got it dun mi cuzin sed daht it was pierced really thin.. iduno if its gonna reject.. cus apparently it dus if its pierced too thin.. she had one nd hers rejected… bt i havent noticed the skin getting any thinner.. waht do u fink? oh nd its fully healed now.

  18. xxxxxemogirlxxxxx1 says:

    im 11 turning 12 and im afraid to get it because if it would hurt!!

  19. DisasterDeborahx says:

    @kristaaxoxwtp well, the point of moving it is to make sure its not sticking to the skin and making sure its not going to imbed. If your just moving it/touching it for fun, then your more likely to introduce bacteria, for it to become sore, swollen, bleed, and slow down the healing process. They say that if you touch it, you need to clean your hands, and thats what I mention about moving and cleaning your peircing.

  20. kristaaxoxwtp says:

    i’m kinda confused, and i’ve heard this from websites, the place i’m getting my piercing at, and other videos. They say don’t touch it too much because it will get infected, but they also say your supposed to move it around so the skin doesn’t stick to it? doesn’t that count as moving it around? like the website said “if you MUST touch it make sure your hands are clean, but it also says to move it around? so please explain why they are saying to completely different things.

  21. emonemofish says:

    Im getting mine done in about a week.
    All I really care about is the pain.
    Is it just a 10 second pain??
    Or is it nothing at all?

  22. Amandaxlemon says:

    @littlemsamerica thank you (:

  23. CherryFlvdIcey says:

    @DisasterDeborahx i did too my piercer did it really slow too i wanted to smack him lol..

  24. littlemsamerica says:

    just got mine redone its been like almost a month and it had swolen and it was hurting so fuckin bad. i got it peirced side by side so yes i have two and one of them the ball was to small and it was looking like i had a hole in my skin i didnt think that they were gona heal so what i did was keep it clean wit bactine spray and keep it clean wit apsin salt and its fine now i thought i was gona have to take them out

  25. littlemsamerica says:

    @Amandaxlemon I have used them for mine and nothing has happend so i would say you can and i no people that do use them

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