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TONGUE PIERCING – My experience

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25 responses to “TONGUE PIERCING – My experience”

  1. chloemeatsix says:

    whats the difference between an industrial and a scaffold piercing.

  2. salmonluver12345 says:

    damn you have hella piercings!

  3. Tarin333 says:

    im 12 and i got mine done 4 days ago and i have like i puss ball thing infront of it it is yellowy ish can youu tell me wat it is please

  4. NeleEatsRobin says:

    it felt like i had a big mess of rod in my mouth :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D LOVE IT

  5. CaitieLynnxDD says:

    i’m very curious on the whole “bad breathe” rumor. :
    is it true?

  6. peacedani420 says:

    I changed my tongure ring after 10 days, is that bad? well i guess its fine now. I got mine done when i was 12 and i was the first one in my school too.=D. What was your first piercing?

  7. omgreek1 says:

    my piercer told me 2 and a half weeks to get the bar changed to a really small one.
    and the white thing never happened to me. and it really only took like a week to heal…
    so it was super easy for me except for a few days.

  8. xictor says:

    when ii had my tounge done i liked the feeling of it and everyone said i woundt be able to eat for weeks but i had chicken an mash the next dayy lol..i had a brace when i was younger and when it swells all i felt like was when i had it tightend not painful at all :):)


  9. secksandbondage says:

    thanks for posting this. . .i know you have your vertical labret and angel bites done- – i have my vertical and im going for angel bits,and i wanted to know if it looks good,does on you and i have pretty much the same face structure..just more cheek bones lol

  10. welshperson123 says:

    my brother had it done years ago and he said it didnt hurt what so ever, and then my best friends cousin said that she was in so much pain it was unbelivible

  11. LoveIsBlasphemy says:

    I was told to chacge to a shorter bar after only 3 weeks :S

    I guess it’s different depending on like which place you go to.
    I’ve had my tongue ring for about 5 weeks now and it’s as much as healed 🙂

  12. Bubblesbabyful says:

    when i got it pierced i didnt hurt at all for me, all i did was feel the needle go through, but that may have been because they numbed my mouth. lol

    my sister’s has her’s done, and she said her’s really hurt ad actually bled when she changed her bar a month later, so its just generally depends on your own body’s reaction to the piercing. if you want it done, dont be afraid! its like, 10seconds of pain, and then its just gets better from then on, and they look fabulous!!


  13. Bubblesbabyful says:

    i got my tongue pierced about just over a month ago now i think, and i was able to chance my bar after the swelling went down which was bout a week, so i changed it then. i had no problem changing it what so ever, but i had a little bit of pain because mine is pierced on an angle and i pushed the bar at the wrong angle lol.

  14. lalaPOWER5 says:

    i have allso a tongue pircing xD
    I LOVE IT <3

  15. MZJI99LY2U says:

    nose ring hurt like mofo, and those dudes were high as a kite, wtf was i thinkin?!

  16. MZJI99LY2U says:

    OMFG, UR LIKE MY WHITE SISTER! I had the same exact experience; went to the tattoo parlor and it reeked of weed, and this shit made me nervous, and the relaxed…lol, but im always nervous when im getting something stabbed into my body. lol

  17. lizzard9233 says:

    u posted this on my bday!

  18. fUzzYiSwuZzy says:

    Didnt Hurt Me neither ^^
    Well it hurt to have chocolate for a week or so for some reason….

  19. Damian2354 says:

    your mom is a homophobe

  20. zalikhazulkifli says:

    Its definitely normal. When I had mine pierced, it took me about a week to get the tongue from discharging pus and start being normal again.

  21. HelloxBritty says:

    i love you. i got mine 5 days ago, i got yellow discgarge:p is it normal? mine was painful the first days. but i acutally ripped it by accident, my piercer said it was okay

  22. DIANASKULLS says:

    I have a question.
    I got my tongue pierce like a week ago
    and yesteday it started to bleed from the
    top and it stop then today it started to bleed again 2 times but only from the top is this normal.?

  23. MsBubblyLove22 says:

    i got my tongue pierced abt 2 years ago n its doin great 🙂

  24. tinky1616 says:

    i want my tounge pierced and my ‘rents said yes….but im scared it will end up infected… can i prevent that? what kind of mouthwash should i use? p.s. im getting it for christmas

  25. jelloXsceneXchemical says:

    I got my tongue pierced 7 months ago behind my parents backs. It didn’t hurt AT ALL when he pierced it, but the last layer of skin POPPED. But it didn’t hurt. He didn’t use a long bar. He used a regular sized bar and it indented my tongue for like 1 month. My parents never found out until I told them 6 months later. 🙂

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