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Lord Of The Rings Piercing

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Lord Of The Rings Jack Black

13 responses to “Lord Of The Rings Piercing”

  1. swishybasketball123 says:

    I love LOTR and this with jables rocked!!!! jack black is soooo frikin funny! luv it man!

  2. stuart782496 says:

    frodo lmao!

  3. DarthHein says:

    This is just brilliant…:)

  4. DickGraysonfan says:

    this is hilarious
    I remember watching this for the first time like 5 years ago

  5. SF03GURUS says:


  6. ginnyisdacoolest says:

    LOL – Yo, Froddo, eye’s up here!

  7. PureZephyr says:


  8. MercurySilver says:

    lol Prince Albert

  9. Deadwit says:

    Pedaluchy xD

  10. DiogoMST says:

    lmao, rofl
    hes the best
    “its a gift”

  11. jumpychan670 says:

    xD roflol

  12. kisb92 says:

    This is is GREAT!

  13. Debsvball87 says:

    LMAO…man Jack Black is hilarious…unfreakingbelievably funny

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