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My Right nipple piercing [first one]

Body jewelry

1/18/10 i got my nipples pierced! this is the first one, my reaction ! 1st one hurt, but nothing compared to how much my left tit hurt!

25 responses to “My Right nipple piercing [first one]”

  1. xojadieox says:

    wow, ok?

  2. fookgeorgebush says:

    it’s the troll patrol lett’n you know your a dumbass slut! no offence or anything..

  3. levezinho says:

    only sluts use piercings on her tits… like wtf…
    i bet their pussy also has… and then when we fuck them, that shit is gonna hurt her (it’s ok) but also hurt our Godzilla… that sucks… fuk those bitches…

  4. eclipsekorvo says:

    i like thiz girl!!damn mami u look gorgeous!!

  5. 38WARREN says:

    @xojadieox yah they do bro you just got to know what to look for. like breast massage or something or breast examination

  6. noob1780 says:


  7. SlaughterMezz says:

    @xojadieox Yeah but you could atleast hope that they made a single misstake once?

  8. jak929 says:

    she looks like a bitch….

  9. LoganPowers says:

    tits or gtfo

  10. Prank6767 says:

    it looks like shes getting her first anal

  11. TWOEZ22 says:

    @xojadieox Ur so beautiful

  12. PreySim says:

    i was hoping to see some tits you fucking slut

  13. xojadieox says:

    yous should know by now they don`t show girls boobs on youtube. stop asking obvious questionss

  14. arepis1985 says:

    wheres the nipple?

  15. MrsLouiseDugmore says:

    Ahh, I want mine done, but I’m scared they’re going to hurt now. 😛

  16. striklykustum1 says:

    you have the most cutest facial reactions to it ur very hot!!!! boo!!!! no nipple shot

  17. DitaVonTeese says:

    I got mine done, it hurt, but not as much as I thought 😀 I’m really happy with them. (I show this video before and it calm me down because previously I show that video of a blond girl screaming)

  18. johnny343nw says:

    you are so beauuyful !

  19. KingredDark says:

    Were in the funk are the nipples????

  20. tpcash9822 says:

    i can give you something

  21. VayDrin says:


    they dont show the nipple =p

  22. ThePikachux3 says:

    I’m getting mine done on my 18th birthday, can’t wait 😀

  23. seasonedsevencolors says:

    Coming soon – my penis piercing video.

  24. eyething1 says:


  25. xojadieox says:

    i wanna say 14g

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