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How to Clean an Industrial/Scaffold Piercing

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Hi guys, its pretty much the same thing as cleaning any other piercing. 1. Use Q-tip to remove crust 2. Clean with mild soap twice a day 3.spray with h2ocean 4. if needed, use tea tree oil to remove any bumps Check out my online store:

25 responses to “How to Clean an Industrial/Scaffold Piercing”

  1. vanity684 says:

    i eventually had to get my barbell taken out after 5 months of cleaning it…the 2 bumps on the bottom and top holes were little absesses that my piercer got rid of, and then replaced the barbell with 2 indiviual tiny ones. The piercing healed much better, and the reason being the barbell puts a ton of pressure on the holes when its healing…i recommend this to anyone having problems with theirs.

  2. cheychey72 says:

    Can you help me? My industrial is sore- and it seems as if the top hole is ripped or something… I’ve had the piercing about 3 months.

  3. totandbean says:

    this is rank, thanks for putting me off ever getting this done.

  4. totandbean says:

    THANKS, you’ve now compleatly put me off having my scaffolding done, that was rank.

  5. unknowndancer2013 says:

    ok so ive had this piercing for like 2 weeks and i use this cleaning process but as for the h20 solution piercer recommended that i use triple antibiotic ointment…he didnt mention h2ocean spray…is it ok for me to switch to h2ocean spray.? is antibiotic ointment harming my piercing?

  6. dobiegirl818 says:

    how long did it take for ur swelling to go down? im on my 2nd day and its a little swollen =//

  7. examplepeaco says:

    @sophielikestoparty45 hey got mine today i asked the same question and he said it ok to swim in the sea but try nt swim that much in the pool but if u hav 2 put vasaline on it and take it of with hot water after so that no germ get inside it from teh pool 🙂

  8. halo3izkool says:

    can anyone post a video how to clean a bridge piercing or a earl because im getting mine in 2 days

  9. htjdavid says:

    those arent bumbs, they are little keloids forming

  10. deanyduff says:

    omg i just had mine done it doesnt hurt as such… just a big nip!!!

  11. MsBitch303 says:

    I’ve never had a piercing that had bumps.. What are they? The lower bump on your ear almost looked like a bubble.. Why do you get them?

  12. actinggirl333 says:

    @residentevilbeast yup. and it bleeds constantly for like 10 minutes and then stops but then it starts again an hour later. and its not like getting ur foot cut on glass its a huge drop that literally splashes down on the floor with every heartbeat

  13. residentevilbeast says:

    @actinggirl333 Is it spewing like blood?

  14. actinggirl333 says:

    ok, my industrial is literally SPEWING. i put pressure on it and it wont stop. why is it doing this?

  15. sophielikestoparty45 says:

    i just got mine done 2 days ago but i’m going on vacation in about a week. i wanna go swimming in both the pool and the ocean but should i just keep my head above the water? how long should i wait before i swim completely?

  16. bluecatbaby says:

    What kind of gauge do you have? 14 or 16?

  17. residentevilbeast says:

    @Liligie239 No, It irritates the piercing.

  18. residentevilbeast says:

    @BrutalGIA Yes I do and the industrial hurt more.

  19. BrutalGIA says:

    Im getting mine done tomorrow…im quite nervous because ive seen some vids of people having it done and it look like it hurt them. But some of them say it dont when it clearly looked like it did :S LOL. Well im just wondering if it does hurt when you get it done, and does it hurt more than having your tongue done (i have my tongue done) but i dont no if you have yourss done 😛 im just guessing. Please help 🙁 Lol

  20. Liligie239 says:

    do you recommend bactine spray???

  21. residentevilbeast says:

    @jennasaurr11 Mine was the same way, the swollen painful stuff is normal. Try not to sleep on that ear and it wont ache in the morning. Take ibproufin in the morning to help with the throbbing pain. It will go away in about 2 weeks.

  22. jennasaurr11 says:

    I got my industrial five days ago and it’s red, swollen, and it is painful. Is this normal? I clean it twice a day exactly the same way you do, but it constantly aches throughout the day and I’m probably just being paranoid, but it still worries me. If it is normal is there any advice you could give me to reduce the pain (I have a very low pain tolerance)?

  23. melmelz6896 says:

    does the scaffold hurt alot when you get it? and does it hurt like after you get it done? if so, how long? i’m thinking of getting one and i need some tips.

  24. residentevilbeast says:

    @xoxostephanie101 Yeah some people heal really fast. Mine took forever but my friend healed up in 2 weeks.

  25. xoxostephanie101 says:

    umm so iv have mine a week now and i dont get any crustys but is that normal?

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