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Nose Piercing Questions Answered

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a lot of people have been asking me questions about nose piercings since i posted that video talking about how to put them in etc. so i thought i would answer some of them 🙂

25 responses to “Nose Piercing Questions Answered”

  1. missmarymakk22 says:

    heeey i have a question
    how long should you wait before going swimmingg?

  2. iloveny259 says:

    another question!! can you get a regular stud peircing and when its time change it, put in a ring in the same hole? or is it two different things?

  3. sarahthediva says:

    @kyliemiley44 You learn to work around the jewelry

  4. Musicman510ee says:

    Most piercings and tats dont hurt as much as you work yourself up for. It’s the whole experience, it’s the rush. Depends on your tolerance for pain.

  5. boliverrr says:

    @ella2016 that’s my question too! i just got my cartlidge done a few weeks back and didn’t think it was bad, so..

  6. ella2016 says:

    So getting your cartledge on your ear hurts more than getting your nose pierced?????

  7. lakotalovesyou says:

    getting your cartlige pierced doesnt hurt at all. and im planing on gettin a nose ring this summerr.(:

  8. chrissy4570 says:

    I got my ear’s pierced for the second time last year and after they shot the earing thru it felt like something was pinching it for like hours. Does the nose feel the same way or is it worse?

  9. 60days2fit says:

    The pain is sharper than a tattoo but faster. then its just an ache.

  10. MrPopcornjelly says:

    should you do it with a pun? or not??

  11. kyliemiley44 says:

    how do u blow ur nose!!!! hahaa

  12. LinneBeeDope16 says:

    this was sooo helpful !
    im getting my nose pierced now.

  13. SarahOnAPrayer says:

    I dont know if you have any tattoos but does it hurt worse than getting a tattoo? My tattoo didnt bother me that much but peircings freak me out, is it a sharper pain?

  14. JessicaLOvee14 says:

    How Do You Know When Your Nose Peircing Is Infected ? iJust Got My Nose Peirced 2Days Ago .

  15. RubynRocks1997 says:

    ok. im scared. my aunt is all for it. but im not. how do i get over my fear? im scared it will hurt alot

  16. TrAcI419 says:

    How fast does it close up when the jewelry isn’t in? I’m afraid if I get a new/good job they won’t let me wear it. So my plan was to take it out whenever i went to work.

  17. dancechick4728 says:

    I was wondering if you could pick too use a gun to pierce it instead of a needle.

  18. alexisheartsmyhair says:

    how old do u have to be to get ur ose pierced

  19. eMiissy says:


  20. BlackRavenHeart1 says:

    how do you blow your nose???? Like dose it hurt?? And my friend wanted to know like if you dont have the ring in and you blow your nose do boogers come out your nose??????? Cause Im getting mine pierced and i want to know!

  21. itstiffomfgxD says:

    Im about to get my piercing like maybe tomorrow nd since its summer i wanted to kno whether i can go in my pool once i get my piercing so can i?

  22. gobluegrandma says:

    how old do you have to be

  23. awesomefriends010 says:

    I wouldn’t. Nose rings on guys usually don’t look too good.

  24. 56iceiclez says:

    How Much Does It Cost???

  25. lilibette9 says:

    @iCreate28 unfortunately i can’t answer that one for you lol … my parents are against piercings too … they wouldn’t let me pierce my ears until I was 13 , and that was all I was allowed until I turned 18 when it was no longer their choice. Now I just kind of come home and I’m like: SURPRISE! lol

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