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navel piercing

Body jewelry

I took my sis to get her navel done

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  1. nycfl90 says:

    Is there a special kind of soap that you should use when you shower? I’m thinking about getting mine done and I’m just wondering. By the way you have a great bod. for it!!!

  2. abercrgirl07 says:

    your suppose to wait 4-6 months before taking the original belly ring out! because it heals from the outside in not like normal wounds from the inside out

  3. MizzEighty says:

    @MarshmallowCUPCAKee1 You have to wait a month for the hole to heal first, then you can take it out and put it back in whenever you want. If you take it out before it heals, it could get infected and it will close because your body thinks that it’s a wound.

  4. MarshmallowCUPCAKee1 says:

    Once you get it, can you take it out and put it back in on your own whenever you want??

  5. tennisluvr77 says:

    i just got mine done today and honestly it didn’t hurt that bad. it was like a 7 second sting. the piercer didn’t use a clamp either, but mine didn’t take nearly as long as this one :p

  6. yaraaki says:

    why he didn’t use a clamp?:S
    do you know if it leaves a sign?

  7. lovehurtsbad13 says:

    he didnt even use a clamp!

  8. gen11gen says:

    I’m planning on getting mine done in June or July..I still wanna lose some belly fat :)…it looks like it didn’t hurt that much..

  9. xxxxxemogirlxxxxx1 says:

    @KyBrooke3 im turning twelve getting mine done did it honestly hurt

  10. happymealgirlz says:

    Did it hurt?

  11. TheNextAvrilLavigne says:

    i got mine done yesterday after waiting 6 months for it to heal it feels like a kick in the gut

  12. KyBrooke3 says:

    I’m 12 and I got mine done at the beginning of summer, he did good.(:

  13. crnusa says:

    he done perfect job!GREAT! and today I will be my piercin of the navel and Im so afraid but if it hurt it will only 10-15min. don’t be afraid 😀

  14. JesusFreak0381 says:

    ow that has to hurt

  15. Sureifyouwant says:

    She has a perfect tummy!

  16. chelle0david says:

    hey! im getting mine done in 3 days. im getting nervous! please help me out! does it hurt? how does it feel after wards?

  17. softnontender says:

    nice tummy

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