Body jewelry

Tongue Piercing/ SUNY Albany

Body jewelry

Tongue Piercing. I was reaaally bored

25 responses to “Tongue Piercing/ SUNY Albany”

  1. PregnantWhaleOnE says:

    @ac945955 haha we know what you mean.

  2. dorethamj says:

    that aint hurt?

  3. T33GZ says:

    ahahha, your crazy man. fuck that, i’m getting mine done soon, wow so scared. looks painful.

  4. S3xiimama1994 says:

    @ac945955 certain things lyk wat

  5. LittleJaimeC says:

    Thats So Sick!! And The Guy Behind You Is So Hot!!!!!!!! 😉 xx
    Looks Good, But Bloody Hell You Have Balls! And Isn’t your bar too big?

  6. sunshine0girl123 says:

    Oh wow

  7. whitneywd says:

    omg ur effin nuts, but i like it your hott

  8. hottyfroggy says:

    dame papi u guys are hot as fuck

  9. JBeamer123 says:

    Omg dude … Such A Hottie 😛 …. Did it hurt doing it yourself mann?

  10. aquafan518 says:

    Lol I live in Albany too. xD

  11. funkyguineagirl says:

    Sexaayy (: mhm mhm

  12. S3xiimama1994 says:


  13. jaeluuxo says:

    you’re all really hot.

  14. BabieeGurll7 says:

    agreed with Queeenanny! ;D

  15. xGeminiliciousx says:

    @ac945955 yes i cant wait for mine so i can use it for “certain things” lmao0o0 :-*

  16. 16SceneCandy16 says:

    the guy behind him is sooo HOTTT

  17. oldschoolvescan says:

    what song is this?

  18. TammyLestat says:

    I wanna do some self piercing too, can i ask where you bought your clamp?

  19. Emilyyyee says:

    That bar is extreamly long!

  20. kyenson786 says:


  21. kmarshall08 says:

    what song is that?

  22. star2756 says:

    u r3tard3d but ur fuccn s3xy so it mak3s up 4 ur r3tard3dnss BTW do u wanna put it 2 work lol????

  23. MoFxknBeba says:

    i have a cuzin that lookz like him not blood related
    he is so fine lol

  24. LittleJaimeC says:

    Tour So Hot!! I Have Mine Done Too It Hurt Soo Much!! 🙂 That Bar Looked So Long lol, Too Long!! xx

  25. Lentelflens says:

    Wejow lekker!! 😀
    I want one too!

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