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Armor Piercing- Modern Warfare 2 (veteran)

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How to beat Spec Ops Echo: Armor Piercing (veteran) Click the following link to see the FULL MW2 guide:

25 responses to “Armor Piercing- Modern Warfare 2 (veteran)”

  1. WozGein says:

    Thank you, sir!

  2. DemonShadow999849 says:

    me and my m8 did this on 360 up in the scaffolding with the dragunov

  3. haticK says:

    me and my friend did it with intervention/50cal but we went all the way up next to where the ammo box is and waited

  4. Tom5873 says:

    Great help 7 mins by going further up the oil rig

  5. HacienO9 says:

    lol knifed!

  6. BrendanD1993 says:

    Anyone want to try this with me on veteren difficulty PSN brendanbei got a mic aswell

  7. AusChampWrestling09 says:

    PS3 ID: Extreme_Enigma1 add me for spec ops and online play, aussies only

  8. Donryu1983 says:

    5 stars! 9:29 really isn’t that bad of a wait time for all 15 juggernauts.

  9. firstdbzmaker says:

    i did it the same way, except i sat outside by the first set of stairs, they will come alot faster

  10. stormer454 says:

    5 stars mate

  11. ThePhantomnaut says:

    Oh wow. Nice strategy. Me and my friend fought them throughout and as we reached the stairs leading to the helipad, we ran as fast as possible and I believe we sort of exploited their spawning.

    We camped at the pad for the rest of the session.

  12. antp2k8 says:

    cheers 4 video wots ur addy? add us my name is tiger404

  13. THIZZ420 says:

    5*s thanks i will subscribe

  14. agwoodliffe says:

    Your friend messes about after first juggernaut & you respond by knifing him LOL

  15. GiLLyeXp says:

    nice strategy, thanx for the vid man, me and my friend just did this (failed by own strategy) and we were at the last 2 enemies near the end of the level way ahead from the begining and the 2 juggs flanked us and fucked us 🙁

  16. housttx says:

    Yea staying by the stairs is just insurance to ensure we would pass it….waiting around for 15 min is only fun once and we did not want to eff it up.

    It is not completely necessary but you might as well do it to be safe IMO. thanks for the vid though nice job.

  17. japanmanwhiteboy says:

    thanks for sharing. that sounds pretty good, but as you can see from the video, the juggernauts never made it past half way even when they were coming in waves of 2. but the claymore would be helpful to weaken him.. so thanks for the tip.

  18. housttx says:

    Me and my friend did it where he had the 50 cal and stayed where they did in the video.
    I had the intervention and stayed at the base of the stairs and would go put a claymore at the top of the stairs so we would know they were coming. It is better cause if i died on the stair the juggernauts cant walk over me and they get stuck.

  19. japanmanwhiteboy says:

    i think its easier where we wait, you can see them coming a long was off, they rarely make it half way across the walkway.

  20. nanakii85 says:

    me and my bro laid down by the ammo cache if you were to continue upstairs more and lay behind the wooden barricade thereon the right

  21. nicktavegia says:

    me and my friend would get to the top and get fucked by a group of’em

  22. xTheAwesomeOnes says:

    Good Job man .

  23. japanmanwhiteboy says:

    yeah its super easy to pick them off with the monster .50 cal from that spot.. ESPECIALLY with 2 guys.. lol

  24. japanmanwhiteboy says:

    stay there the whole time, they will come to you, takes about a minute or so in between..

  25. TociToasty says:

    how long do you think you have to wait for?

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