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Piercing a pottery clay bowl pierced potters wheel throwing

Body jewelry

Ingleton Pottery Piercing a small clay pottery bowl

9 responses to “Piercing a pottery clay bowl pierced potters wheel throwing”

  1. youdanxxx says:

    Hi,we glaze things like this with all of our glazes.Sometimes the glaze may make the pierced holes a bit less sharp if it’s too thick but generally it’s fine.

  2. darkempressdomain says:

    question: what did you glaze this particular piece with? and for piercings that are a bit more intricate, does the glaze interfere at all with the openings?

  3. darkempressdomain says:


  4. Lisanab says:


  5. kberg626 says:

    your a bad ass

  6. DirtKickerStudio says:


  7. clearvision5 says:

    This is beautiful! You have such a steady hand, you’ve inspired me draw some new patterns and try this technique.

  8. youdanxxx says:

    Hi,the pot wasn’t really dry enough,It should have been left over night until it was as hard as Cheddar Cheese (might not mean much to you,sorry it’s a British thing ).
    The tool is just a Hack Saw blade sharpened to a fine point on a grinding wheel.

    This is a pretty rubbish demo as I was just rushing to get any old stuff onto Youtube.

    I’ll try to post some of my pierced bowls soon which are much more impressive than this thing.

  9. ThatLynnGirl says:

    JUST LOVELY!! Questions, questions! What is your tool? How long has the pot been drying before you start that? It looks very soft but it sure held up. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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