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adri’s spider bite piercing

Body jewelry

my stepdad was recording it, haha, i didn’t feel a thing, maybe a little pinch, but other than that, no needle, && no blood, haha hey be proud of me, those who know me well know i have a “needle phobia” lol. but i kinda felt faint after the needle was it, sorry for low resolution, lol && hardly any sound, the music was loud in there, but i got it done at prick’s tattoos’ in el paso, dyer st. 😀 (:

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  1. samie1214 says:

    @marissagomez31 omqqqeee me 2 like i want them so bad & im afraid of needles my friends say the same shit i bet it did kindaa hurt & i dont wanna ask my parents cuz what if they like say wtff

  2. marissagomez31 says:

    I Want Snake Bites So Fuckinq Bad And My Friends Told Me It Doesnt Hurt Cuz They Had It…. But Idk… I’m Scared. /:
    And My Parents Wont Let Me Get Them Either. 🙁

  3. samie1214 says:

    omqqeee….did it hurt i want them so bad but like im afraid of needles

  4. MrsSn00py says:

    GGGRRR I WANT SPIDER BITES NOW!! I SAW THIS ONE GUY AT COURT W. THEM IT LOOKED GEWD ON HIM HEHEHE [he was kute too lol] They Numbed Yur Lip? Really!!! THey nvr NUMbed Mine!! For me it didnt hurt At all && I drrooleedd ALOT lol;; I couldnt eat for like a week!! I lost weight and I had to DrInk from a straw hahaha!!! BTW;; YUR EYES ARE REALLY PRETTY!!! <333 >__<

  5. RAVENraines1 says:

    @RoflChelseaFtw I figured that out when i got my Madonna done u cant really measure pain until you feel it and it was nothing cant wait to get my other side done and then my snake bites

  6. RoflChelseaFtw says:

    @RAVENraines1 it barely hurts. it pretty much feels like a pinch. and if they even use the clamp thats all you will feel.

  7. umcsk8 says:

    @GlitteryBooBoo12 its sorta like a beauty mark rite?

  8. BethMcCormickTV1 says:

    How old do you have to be?

  9. RAVENraines1 says:

    i am getting my snake bites done and Ive been told so many things, ive been told it hurts and then Ive been told the only thing u feel is the clamp, ive also been told its more of a burning sensation and when my mom got her labre done she said stubbing ur toe hurts a hell of a lot worse, Idk if I have a high pain threshhold or not all i knw is when i got me eyebrow done it felt weird.

  10. laydeejerry says:

    Plaaaying photoshoot in thee Baaackground.i waaaant this supeeer Baaad.

  11. diegovelazquez88 says:

    I got snake bites on November of last year now I wanna get spider bites and my ears pierced

  12. ashleyroseeex3 says:

    when i qot my lip pierced , i all ate pizza that niqht & i kept pullinq on the back of it aha
    but i qot used to it ;
    some people make it seem like it hurts SOOOOO baaaad!
    it doesnt even hurt , its a pinch for like literally ONE second ;
    dont you think ? aha

  13. phippo1234798 says:

    i have a question did u get bullshit from ppl cuz u got it on that side

  14. eryonne2468 says:

    imma get 1

  15. babybluegirl06 says:

    ahh this makes me want to get em! i already hav 1 but i want the other one now!

  16. pilas89 says:

    @MLGxDoOmSdAyx hey whats the difference between spiderbites and snakebite piercings kuz i be looking at the videos and they both seem the same they both on both sides of the lip…

  17. MLGxDoOmSdAyx says:

    You got it backwards. Spiders=two on one side. Snakes= one on each side.

  18. vawwediva1 says:

    snake bites are ONE on each side and spider bites are two on one side….

  19. vawwediva1 says:

    how much did it cost?

  20. 777shan3 says:

    ahh i dont know what to get

    snake bites or spider bitesss

  21. smileyfunk22 says:

    Loll, They Dont Numb Anything When You Get Something Peirced. xD At Least Not That I Know Of.

  22. Shazzmx says:

    @tokiohotel302gurl AHH! right.
    Lol kay. :))

  23. PrettiePebblez says:

    Hey… Did they numb your mouth before you did this or no… ??

  24. kittypowahxD says:

    @tokiohotel302gurl spider bites are 2 on 1 side, spider bites are 1 on each…. like a spider come on ppl… how could a spider bite be larger than a snake bite

  25. tokiohotel302gurl says:

    @Shazzmx snake bites are two on one side
    spider are one on each side
    angel bites are one on both sides of the top prt of your lip

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