Body jewelry

The Chinese family reaction to a nose piercing

July 31st, 2010

Im glad i lived to upload this! I managed to video my parents’ reaction to my nose piercing, it was soooo funny… hehehhehe Just a side note: No offense to Indians, I really hope no one got offended but if you dont understand chinese you wont get the ‘joke’ but it is not a racist one so PLEASEEE dont be offended!!! PS ‘Indian is ‘yun doe’ in cantonese and ‘ah cha’ actually includes Indian, pakastanian, arabian etc but my parents just meant it on the more indian side 😛

CRITIQUE OF MY POEM???? – & 14 YO Wants a Lip Piercing! (ugh lol)

July 30th, 2010

peron75 | July 20, 2010 The 24thepisode of Dear Buck where I change your life or not. Take it all with a grain of gay salt. I ain’t no expert! Just what I think and having fun! How do you get advice: Email: Many comments are taken from -live show posts or embed of this video today! I can only answer so many. Feel free to keep asking. I am doing my best. 🙂 And again, I am not an expert just telling you what I think and hoping to make you smile. Lately taking from Moderator tab on YouTube GET BUCKED! What the Buck Show: SUBSCRIBE! Personal Buck Videos: SUBSCRIBE! Thank you for the intro! End song music “Alive and Screaming by Jake Walden”

Tattoo In Action. Nose Piercing!

July 30th, 2010

Here is a video of Tattoo doing his thing at the Tattoo shop. A couple nose pierces.