Body jewelry

christmas nipple piercing

Body jewelry

me getting my nipples pierced for christmas..while parents are gone 😀

25 responses to “christmas nipple piercing”

  1. acidburn7777 says:

    “ohhhhhhh oh oh oooo” lol nice reaction, try getting both done at 10g lol 🙂

  2. Tjohnson644 says:

    i screemed to man, hate when people commit on being a bitch and they never had it done they are the reel pussys. nice mohawk

  3. laoadmin10000 says:

    i really like that mohawk

  4. pandaEmpress says:

    that piercer seems rather douchey.

  5. buttchug69er says:

    nice comeback dude im sick and tired of those jelouse fucks nice hair and piercings!! =]

  6. gloriagaleas3 says:

    i got mine today and it omg

  7. inkedtrash2 says:

    fuckn a man….what u get done since bro. after i had my lobes done…nips were fuckn next. HELL YEA. since i got my PA, stretched an scappeld my lobes to 1 inch, 3 6gues in my lower lip, nostrils at 00gu (old lobe jewrey) an PA at 2 gu, ball bag at 4 gu. what u get since man FTW

  8. SuperPrincess124 says:

    nice hair and body

  9. fox428 says:

    i like barbells better.. good job!

  10. enchantedh says:

    they look sooooooooooo good

  11. Neokagez says:

    Ouch, that was fast.

  12. bluejessicagirl2 says:

    your hawt!!!

  13. Teddifjoolo says:

    wow what a wozz, i definitly does not hurt that much, ive done it three times, and woow it does not hurt that much !

  14. scoobyboi84 says:

    got mine done today left one didnt even feel right one I screamed :/

  15. phxilipxpl says:

    getting both my nipples pierced was the best decision i ever made.

  16. lizardlips93 says:

    love the hair and the piercing

  17. ginpginop says:

    u hear the piercer haha shouytin doesnt help it just gives me a fuckin head ache no shitt !!

  18. CrackaLette says:

    o.O your a fuckin hottie!! The camera man look’s like he’s baked ahha, my homie want’s me to do his nipples !! haha just b/c i did my lips and eyerbow xD>> 😀 YES!!

  19. mientjeo4 says:

    those looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. urXbasicXninja says:

    sexy man!

  21. BloodyDanxxx says:

    that piercer is a twathole what a bitch

  22. Ismailen18 says:

    awesome hair

  23. rocker3277 says:

    that guy is a fucking dick

  24. space14605 says:

    that hair is so 80’s

  25. Eleritakori says:

    Ummm…yeah…they didn’t give me any numbing. They just clamp your nipple(s) and then pierce you…

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