Body jewelry

HOW TO: Create a “piercing”!

Body jewelry

Easy tutorial on how to make your very own piercing… All you need for this is is a bobby pin/ hair grip, some pliers and a pencil! Very very very simple! Everyone thought these were real, in real life! no joke! I promise you this! Also, who cares if you get called a poser?!! Just because the metal doesn’t go through your skin and it costs so much less, doesn’t make you any different, trust me 🙂 FAQ: HOW DID YOU DYE YOUR HAIR LIKE THAT? There’s a Vid For that! (see what I did there? The iPone ap commercial? hahaha) CLICK HERE TO WATCH: If you don’t like it, don’t watch! Heres my myspace: Heres my twitter:

25 responses to “HOW TO: Create a “piercing”!”

  1. FrozenSarahsicle says:

    OMG GASH <3 loveee

  2. xbubbles123x123x says:

    this doesnt work!!!

  3. TheKittylover1 says:

    Thats really cool! I’m going to do that tommorow!

  4. 281adonis713 says:

    wtfff ive done that before lol we think alke m scene too

  5. V3GGYNinja says:

    Hell yea! :DD

  6. shinyrainbowninja says:

    thanks now i have a way of freaking out my family and friends!

  7. littlepeek says:


  8. TheEmoSweetie142 says:

    im going to scare my friends

  9. xpoisonxcupcakesx says:

    this is cute and creative Ima do this and scare my parents x__X

  10. CassieCat387 says:

    Lmfao go scare your parents! I love your accent

  11. luinwenne says:

    Did the septum piercing hurt?

  12. AmyRose19961 says:


  13. xLilDinoSaysMoo says:

    @DemiandJoBroluver Hahahahaha what the heck? “There’s a hole right there!” Hahaa woww.

  14. hersheygirlx says:

    “go scare your parents”
    LMFAO 🙂

  15. girdib says:

    @koolestcutievah1 same here buddy!!

  16. girdib says:

    ah i just made one nd it went flying so i lost it lmao

  17. DemiandJoBroluver says:

    haha i did that one day and wore it to school and only one person thought it was real! he was soo stupid! he kept saying ITS REAL! and i just kept going along with it until he got reallyyy anoying and then i took it out and said ITS MOTHERFUCKIN FAKE U DUMBASS! and he was like ITS REAL THERE”S A HOLE RIIGHT THEREEE! idk y, but he’s so fucking idicot :{]

  18. coolpotato24 says:


  19. screammeaganscream says:

    @xSheaDawnx you Can Buy fake Tongue rings
    But Its like a stud
    my Friend has 1
    And It just sticks to ur Tongue

  20. LyssaGrrl says:

    ill go try..and scare my parents..lmao

  21. 7911060 says:

    After awhile you can tell there fake.
    Especially if you get a real septum.

  22. xSheaDawnx says:

    hahaha my friend and i do this too!
    I have fake spiderbites and she has fake snakebites XD
    my mom first saw it and she tottallly flipped!
    ive never tried it with a bobbypin, lol great idea
    i wish there was a way to fake a tongue peircing but i dont believe there is so now ima go get poked with a needle

  23. LiLiLuvsNickJ says:


  24. RamiMalekStalker says:

    great accent

  25. XxJustxAmyxX says:

    ur so pretty. good video!

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