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piercing my cartilage

Body jewelry

yea, ,it hurts lol but it’s worth it and if i did it you can yea we were sanitized and she dont all her ear piercings, she has 5. its reallllyy sore after.

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  1. emzo1234567 says:

    i did mine last year 😛 killed lol but like u said its worth it 😀

  2. giggles196 says:

    it looks soo good!!

  3. ColorMyLove22 says:

    the needles hurt way more.

  4. ClaraBaaabyx says:

    @Pennylaneeeeee yah i got my belly button done professionally and they did it fast… andif you got it done with a piercing gun which is what they use at walmart and stuff, its really fucking fast lol. so idki dont think it matters fast or slow.. it still pierces it either way.

  5. Pennylaneeeeee says:

    @ClaraBaaabyx well i got my cartilage and lobes done at a professional place and i think it helped that the needle was pushed in slowly. The process was practically painless cause if you jab it in quick the impact can damage the cartilage which is why it hurts…just something to think about if you’re planning to get another piercing in the future.

  6. ClaraBaaabyx says:

    @Pennylaneeeeee lol she did jab it in so that it was quick. and i did breathe lol.

  7. Pennylaneeeeee says:

    lol she looked like she jabbed it in. her friend shoulda taken a deep breath in whilst the need was SLOWLY pushed in and breath out as the needle was slowly pulled out.

  8. ClaraBaaabyx says:

    @Babidee93 lol it was kinda painful, more than i expected. but i make a lot of weird faces anyways lol it hurts after though if ya bump it! wooo /: lol

  9. ClaraBaaabyx says:

    @AllThatGlamour123 lol people have different pain tolerances, i don’t remember what it felt like piercing your ears cuz i had mine done when i was way little. it hurt for me but not to where i wanted to cry but i thought it was painful. good for you it didnt hurt.

  10. Babidee93 says:

    ooo i feel so bad for you
    it look like it hurt so bad.
    it will look good tho.

  11. AllThatGlamour123 says:

    it doesn’t hurt that much.. i had it done when i was 12… and i doesn’t hurt that much

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