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8g nipple piercing

Body jewelry

Me gettin my nipple pierced for the second time on this side at an 8guage.

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  1. payjay21 says:

    dudee i defffintly wanted to get mine donee ima chick and after seein thiss it looks like a fuckin bitchh. i just wanna small one, but that was fuckin sick.

  2. baberaider18 says:

    what happened to the other nipple

  3. hungarian5 says:

    @BeatsPlanet Hey im thinking off getting mine done it is the smaller the number the bigger hole or what? coz im thinking of getting etheir a 10g or 12g i don’t know any thing about piercing my nipple will be the first thing i get pierced if any thing

  4. CODMW219 says:

    you wanted to do this why?

  5. blademasterii says:

    @BeatsPlanet I did 10g the second time I had them done. The right one rejected after I damaged it at work a while back. So I’m thinking of having it redone with a 6 after i’m comfortable that it is healed enough. The cool thing was when I had it done with the 10g it went “CRUNCH” when it went through. I was hoping it would do the same with the 8g but it didn’t. My piercer cringed when it did that.

  6. IreMeLa says:

    are you ok? :S oh my god

  7. BeatsPlanet says:

    Bro, your a fuckin beast. I did 10s today and I about shit a brick, good shit. The piercer said hes been piercing for years and hes done less that 20 of the 10 gauges, I couldnt imagine an 8 lol.

  8. BoeckmanOSU says:

    FUCK no

  9. 007Fortis says:

    why would a dude get his nipple pierced

  10. LDNxBASSIST says:

    i had mine done a year ago and now just wondering weather to again or not =/ i can just remember how much it killed and shit. i liked the look of it but dont know weather i can be fucked to go through that shit again

  11. martykaver says:

    @albinosaredashizz omg mine 2

  12. MrPerolav12 says:

    @Lissa2215 owh leathergoat you so randomm

  13. nawallover says:

    i gotta be honest .. its a fucking turnoff watching this .. say your girl is with you in the bed wouldnt you rather lick the nipple and squeeze it with your toungue

  14. Bleedersfeast says:

    omg so fucking crazy dude but awesome HAHA…mines are juust 14g…14 !!

  15. lazaro138 says:

    @MCCproductions6 ok i can tell u lol didnt u c how swollen it was when he finished imagine triple as dat next day

  16. MCCproductions6 says:

    imagine how swollen your nipple would be the next day 🙂

  17. albinosaredashizz says:

    My nipple hurts….

  18. kmsmusic100 says:

    holy crap! that must have been sorer!

  19. JakaraLorraine says:

    that was like stickinq a nail through there . Hardcore tho imust add !

  20. blademasterii says:

    @Lissa2215 This is not a common piercing size. The needle I had them use is close to 3 times the size of the standard needle. I also have tons of scar tissue he had to get through. The first time is quick and easy.

  21. sciemonster07 says:

    fucking hell im sure it hurts like hell

  22. Lissa2215 says:


  23. ValLovesDenis says:

    That is one huge ass needle!

  24. SpazProductions87 says:

    haha i like the ladyjust sitting there. haha. (:

  25. mneil69 says:

    i love rusty nails and big nipples

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