Body jewelry

Bizzare/Intense Duo Corset Piercing Part 1 @ Essential Ink Body Art

Body jewelry

Ok the concept of our piercings is pretty much being stitched together.(Talk about being together forever lol) It will consist of 11 piercings each running down from the top of the chest all the way down beneath the belly bottom. After Moo is done, he will lace us up together and form a corset. Difficult to explain, but you’ll see *wink wink* Last but not least, Moo will perform a duo tongue pierce going first through Chrissie’s tongue and then my tongue and finally we will be attached together through our tongue. Interesting huh…don’t forget to check that video out!

25 responses to “Bizzare/Intense Duo Corset Piercing Part 1 @ Essential Ink Body Art”

  1. georgina1905 says:


  2. hamstergirl4444 says:

    You two are absolutely fucking beautiful!!!….and I like your piercings too, LOL!!!

  3. v01c35 says:

    That was fuckin’ Sick ! :X

  4. ipokemyself says:

    wow.. he did such a good job.. and impressed with the speed and accuracy 🙂

  5. elfchenM says:


  6. Xx8loodyxRosesxX says:

    The second this is video is done…I’m figureing out who did this…because I’m going to HIM to get mine done xD except I hate that temporary thing…I need mine permanent xD

  7. Dance4eva148 says:

    that is ugly

  8. LuvinIt95 says:

    wow that looks like it would hurt SSOOO bad! 😛 and the pics at the end were so cute(:

  9. mrsshortstory says:

    these people are fuckin crazy i love peircings but this is over the limit

  10. muzicluver214 says:

    im too much of a chicken shit to do anything remotley close to that! haha

  11. Larisiahott says:

    love it!

  12. PhatsexyDiva says:

    OMG, all those piercings in one day, Must admire ur courage and stlye, Very Unique.

  13. ladykerosene says:

    i think these are very sexy :O
    but how would you be able to wear a shirt/bra with those down your torso? xD;

  14. TCOGAK says:

    such a romantic idea ^^

  15. purebloodgirl1 says:

    That’s badass!

  16. kaoruneko16 says:

    Pain is not all that bad.

    Awesome video. 🙂 I loved it.

  17. aimeeRAWKSmoms says:

    you guys are sooooo beautiful !
    this was major badassery man ! i loved it 🙂

  18. piercingsbyjesse says:

    i met this dude at musink! hella sick work

  19. WaFFLeZUNReaL says:

    Nice Tripps:D

  20. TrancingKitty says:

    Free =^-^= Moo had us as his canvas to work it. We told him, you can do what ever you want with us.

  21. bablayer says:

    dat waz fuckin hot as hell nd how much did dat shit cost

  22. ImaFukkinPrincess says:

    I Really Have A Corset But Down My Rist But Reli Dont Want The Rings!!


  23. demonjavier says:

    k subnormaaaaaaaaaal

  24. XxcoleychicaxX says:

    The photos were stunning!

  25. TrancingKitty says:

    40! wow! You a trooper!

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