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Alyssa Abscission Gets Her First Facial Piercing!

Body jewelry

this is my first facial (nose) piercing! it stung a little, hence the face i make lol. i also apparently bleed a lot; like half the video is of me bleeding hahaha. it looks cute now 🙂 i love it. btw i got it at Exist Body Art ;] faq: 1) Did it hurt? – pain is no biggy for me. i donate blood a lot and i have ten piercings as of this video. so it pinched, but i survived 🙂 2) Will you pierce your lip? – im working on convincing my mom!!! i want a monroe sooo badly! no snake bites for me. i need something that can be pretty with a dress and edgy. 3) Where are your ten piercings at? – my nipples, the back of my neck… hah just kidding people. i have one in my belly, 8 in my ears, and one in my nose 🙂

25 responses to “Alyssa Abscission Gets Her First Facial Piercing!”

  1. kingme123 says:

    i hate everybody and i think what everybodys doing is funckin stupid

  2. imrachelurnot says:

    @sammiwammi1232 omg same with me! but i got my nose done when i was 13

  3. xxLizieLithiumxx says:

    i have a question; when you don’t wear your nose piercing, does it look noticeable? like.. a lot of people i know that have one say it looks like a blackhead or a pimple. is that true?

  4. piratebbydeppluv91 says:

    OMG THAT’S JEFF!!!!!!!!!!! he doesn’t work there anymore ): but i love exist! they’re amazing!!! <3

  5. Drawnsbyme says:

    Hahaha, when this vid was in the sidebar, it sayd: Alyssa Abscission Gets Her First Facial and we all know what a facial is xD

  6. huyup123456 says:

    @rainrye I agree so much with this statement.

  7. stephhshirley says:

    piercer: ‘hows that feel?’
    alyssa starts to talk
    piercer: ‘dont talk!’
    made me lol;’)

  8. amandaabanana says:

    @rainrye OH MY GOD! someone who understands. 😀

  9. noodlesmurfJB says:

    3) Where are your ten piercings at?
    – my nipples, the back of my neck… hah just kidding people.

    LMAO, i was like whatt??!! and you’re trying to convince your mom for a monroe?!

  10. MultiGorgeous14 says:

    that guy is so hot! lol

  11. famousjellybean says:

    lol at the face u made!!

  12. DanxDestruction says:

    counting bodies like sheep is a great song. A perfect circle

  13. sammi101ramirez says:

    the guy sounds like hes from new york or new jersey

  14. Tahliababz says:

    wow u bleed alot :

  15. sammiwammi1232 says:

    i didn’t even flinch when i got my nose pierced, i was 11
    it really doesn’t hurt. haha
    I also want a Monroe, its forbidden by my parents, though /:

  16. BumbleeXBee says:

    Aperfect Circle! Great song;D

  17. SxIxIxExRxRxA says:

    DOOD! I freakin’ love herr. She should make more videos … But have yOu ever heard of eating? Lol, not to be mean. Haha, I wanna get my belly peirced, I’m just trying to convince my Mom!!! Lol. oh and btw, I think your freakin’ GORGEOUS!

  18. haylybug says:

    I have my nose pierced, I am 14.

  19. LillyKakes says:

    I’m tryin to convince my mom too.
    She was willing to let meh but then mah dad said no n now she’s like wait til ur 16. But I bet even then she’ll say no. I want spiderbites so badly! Btw I’m 14

  20. rockprincess38 says:

    I want a Monroe too. And I’m also trying to convince my mom. I’ll where the ball as casual, and the gem for formal.

  21. KikiChaos says:

    holy crap, i was listening to the song in the back and thinking “is this apc?’ haha iwas right!

  22. hgghottie says:

    Ahh i had my nsoe pierced last summer(i was 13) had to take it out for softball becuz i cudnt get fishline in it D: lol..small pinch, my cartilage hurt alot more. didnt bleed..did bleed later though, cuz i strtd livin at my moms tht day, and my dad hadnt moved, and he wud like prob call the cops if he saw tht, and my step mom came to drop stuff off, and i was like pulling it out and was stupid, but i got it right back in lol..hurt for a bit though lol..tht was veryvery stupid lol..

  23. anayajulio2010 says:

    ummmm wow!!I did my nose piercing by myself at home!it did hurt,but it took a long time!!lol but the funny thing is it didnt even bleed!!!!!haha

    the reason I got it done at home was cus my parents wouldnt want to take me(well dad) so I was like hmmmm fine!!! Ill get it some how! so waaaa la! I did it on my own!!

  24. rockonastick says:

    i was thinking that

  25. iheartrainbows88 says:

    They would make a cute couple.

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