Body jewelry

Lanny’s microdermal piercing @ Punktured

Body jewelry

Because metal in your arm can be pretty. FYI – this doesn’t often happen and it was just bad luck! I am Helen aka the voice behind the camera and the one whose hand was crushed during this piercing process. You can find me here: My collab:

25 responses to “Lanny’s microdermal piercing @ Punktured”

  1. rbm5033 says:

    @helenzebcharles there’s a number of methods used including using a punchor a regular needle.

  2. ProperEnglishApple says:

    I’m movin to brighton in september, cool video at least i know the piercing artists here are nice, shit but nice =)

  3. zoebrown15x says:

    the ending is well random when she starts singing ? :S :S

  4. kutelilnelly says:

    wow this sucks i have a micro dermal next to my ear and it only took 7 secs to put in and it was painless =] i love it!!!

  5. yodigi101 says:

    @Moozertt it isnt my mom got one

  6. InsanityMuch says:

    I love Punktured! Jojo pierced me 🙂

  7. helenzebcharles says:

    @Moozertt The jewell on top fell off so he had to put a new one in. It may look painful but she has got 3 now!

  8. Moozertt says:

    Hmm.. Thanks to this girl, I just gonna wait! I looks so painful, I’m just not ready, I think! But I didn’t get why he took him out again? To quick for a Dutch girl to understand, hehe..

  9. leskelove says:

    Really pretty

  10. Thezackhavoc says:

    @williamsrose313 she can probably type proper sentences atleast…

  11. Lannyflups says:

    @williamsrose313 Maybe, just maybe- its because not everyons is content to be just a sheep eh?

  12. williamsrose313 says:

    this is so stupid why would you get your arm periced when it look retared your soooo dumb omg

  13. extratoneik says:

    yea verry pretty but a dangerous place :-S

  14. xXxRaybabeXxX says:

    very pretty piercing! :.)

  15. daniXgrave says:

    It costs £38
    yeah it feels secure in the skin, you don’t even know it’s there!

  16. Lannyflups says:


    It cost me £35 and I will be adding another 2 to it just after xmas. It does now though be prepared to catch it for the first couple of months and then it does feel a little less secure x

  17. Lannyflups says:


    No it didn’t hurt so bad except for when he took it out again but that was a freak accident- the pain really isn’t bad 🙂

  18. jaszhex says:

    oooo, how much was it? and does it feel secure in the skin? x

  19. Jhessiiccaa says:

    because i want it to
    but i’m so scared….

  20. ahyouhawt says:

    i just got mine done a couple days ago. i love iiittt:}

  21. marmoish says:

    why would someone be alive if they were so stupid they couldn’t spell wrist oh and piercing!!! ??
    like seriously whats the point??

    some people are so dumb it hurts my head!!!!

  22. RbkCiRuela says:

    wa wa wa wa
    pap pap!

    it looks beautiful

  23. Lannyflups says:

    Do you dye your hair?

    Whats the point in that?


  24. MakeupTeen94 says:

    why would someone get there rist peirced?
    whats the point to that?

  25. followfornothing says:

    Maybe I should have responded sooner…sorry!!!

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