Body jewelry

Hand Web Piercing

Body jewelry

2-2-09 Jay’s Hand Web Piercing between thumb and index finger. Where you can find me! Blogs Twitter: Myspace: HazardousCreation shops http

25 responses to “Hand Web Piercing”

  1. Xeditati says:

    @SuperShawnbell wow, capslock happy. miss biohazard, i don’t think he needs to grow a brain– just some balls.

  2. urian1000 says:

    haii:) i was wondering if you were certified to do piercings i’ve been piercing people for about a year now and im trying to get certified and i live in a small town so i can’t really do much! any auggestions?

  3. AbsolutRachel says:

    I NEED IT!!!

  4. 19ashley9413 says:

    i never really understood the purpose of this piercing, but hey dude if you like it then it’s whatever… ppl dont have to call you names and try to start shit with you just because you like something they dont….and btw your cute =)

  5. tooori001 says:

    i want to do thisss! its wicked sickk! but does it hurt really bad?

  6. clairecmt77 says:

    hey Jay!!! awesome shirt

  7. dayvidpowers says:

    awww that piercer is so cute 😀 she has such a sweet little voice… most of them r big guys lol…

  8. superrmarioox0 says:

    my friend has this done. i think she did hers herself, which i normally wouldn’t advise but i guess its alright shes certified and all. but i couldn’t see myself getting this done, but it couldn’t be much worse then my corset or a mircodermal.

  9. EnragedImp says:

    Haha I didn’t do this professionally and he didn’t tell me the breathing thing (which works) but anyways the entry sucks and putting the barbell on for the first time sucks but after the 6 weeks u have so much fun gauging in, I’m at 00 🙂

  10. sebadsfreaky says:

    I like those! But I heard those were very easly infected. looks awsome for sure!

  11. RachelLovesJLS1 says:

    Didee Thatss Amazingg..I Wantt Mine Done XD .. Did It Hurt Much ?
    <3 xx

  12. biohazard2886 says:

    @SuperShawnbell Aww, you’re one of those people. Sorry, I didn’t know how much of a pea sized brain you had. I should have put it together the moment I saw your first comment. Unfortunately for you, my parents love me very much, and are very supportive and understanding. So sorry for your misfortune, I hope you grow a brain soon and learn how to properly spell and insult someone. Because right now, you’re full on retard 🙂 Take care!

  13. SuperShawnbell says:

    @biohazard2886 First Off All I Was Looking Up Peircings.Then i came across This And I Just Watched It U DickHead!.I Can Comment On Anything i wanna!.And U Just A Gay-Goth Who Slices ThemSelves Becuz Ur Parents Dnt love U.Now Hbu Just Go Get A Corset On Yur Tiny DICK!.Plz Dnt Reply Back Either!!!!!!!

  14. biohazard2886 says:

    @SuperShawnbell It’s definitely not a waste of MY time, since I’m very passionate about body piercings. And there was no money spent here, so no waste on that department either. The only thing that’s wasted is your time watching my video and typing this comment 🙂

  15. SuperShawnbell says:

    Wow Thats a waist of time and money,Like It’s Stupid!

  16. Marianne1sofie says:

    hehe det der var kult når jeg gikk på ungdomskolen faktisk , men brukte sånn frisørpistol , men ikke så poppis i helsesektoren da 😛

  17. ryanonatrampoline says:

    Hello i had this done yesterday and people have been saying to me that after a while it will push itself out is this true?,

  18. blissandhann says:

    Always a sick piercing. It’s one of my options. How has it been having it there? Has it healed or got infected? Catch on things all the time?

  19. IslandPrincess299 says:

    I want to get that done too 🙂 its an awesome peircing

  20. cutieprincess431 says:

    lmfaoo same here
    it got all purple though, cuz it went in through like layers :

  21. STFUamandaa says:

    he’s pretty hardcore <3

    && you're my hero <3x

  22. LianaLunacy says:

    hes a cutie

  23. beturlifeonit says:

    i did this myself but its crappy so i think imma get it done professionaly

  24. WallehA says:

    I regret not filming when I had mine done, cuz I didn’t look, and it would be kinda cool to se myself getting it, haha 😀 glad you uploaded this 🙂

  25. clairecmt77 says:

    Whooo he is wearing an avenged sevenfold shirt at 1:23!:)

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