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Piercing Vloggin’ & Haul

Body jewelry

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25 responses to “Piercing Vloggin’ & Haul”

  1. melissasalisbury100 says:

    i’m glad yourself. those people are just haters. haters are just lame. that belt is so cute. 🙂 keep up the good work.

  2. xoxokayaleexoxo says:

    hahah yourr braa. that was hilariousss.

  3. akaydoll says:

    @SamsAHippie yeah it can i guess but im fine.

  4. SamsAHippie says:

    Can’t Claries shatter your cartilage since they use a gun? I’m scared, I’m getting them done after school wensday but I’m not sure :/ help?

  5. akaydoll says:

    @truMonada no just for 12 weeks. but i still do it from time to time on my other piercing

  6. truMonada says:

    do you have to wash your ears every 2 days for the rest of your life? or just for the 12 day period?

  7. akaydoll says:

    @geezleahh no i dont.

  8. geezleahh says:

    do you have a family member named ‘alex carter’ because you look like you would be in her family? lol 🙂

  9. AlexandraAmaze says:

    Dude! I hate how skullcandy breaks so easy!! I really want the dr. dre’s, but they’re like 100 dollars haha:) Are you gonna get an industrial?

  10. dwilliams19831 says:

    I love your personality and videos 🙂

  11. princesssparkle119 says:

    could you put the review back up?
    i really would like to see it! 🙂

  12. melissasalisbury100 says:

    i luv your honesty. other people are just hatters.

  13. 3nishuga says:

    go girl!

  14. sheercolour says:

    i didn’t see the coastal scents video but i appreciate that you are honest i would much prefer that

  15. EyeHeartMarkRep says:

    Thats what i love about you!!!! Always keeping it real!!!!

  16. xobabygurlxo71 says:

    oh my goodness i totally agree on about the coastal scents review video. i watched it and i thought that your review was very honest and deffinately was your opinion.

  17. akaydoll says:

    @PaintYourOwnStory i mean it all depends on what you want. i have 7 piercings in my ears and i love them all. i say get em both!

  18. PaintYourOwnStory says:

    hahaha omg my sister got hers done this weekend and she came home with the same bag!!

    so do you think that i should either get my cartilage pierced or my ears double pierced??? i”m really not sure which ones to do!! great vid btw!!

  19. Jamiin13 says:

    Well actuallyy, That orbit gum doesnt taste like butt! =P hahah Iloveeukaylaa! U r a TRUE nd Great guru, i saw the costal review..nd u gainedd soo muchh respectt from me..cuz iknow ur not lyinn to get free products..thats what makes u 1 of my top fav guruss! Nd IT SHOWSSS U CAREE BOUT UR SUBSCRIBERSS. <33

  20. akaydoll says:

    @streetglide10 bahaha really! thats funny

  21. streetglide10 says:

    so weird! i was watching this video, holding that very same itunes card! lol … great vid like usual 🙂

  22. razzlebdazzle says:

    Woo! More power to you Kayla for letting out what you felt! 🙂

  23. ShugoCharaDestiny14 says:

    follow me please

  24. breeeanna14 says:

    i love how people talk sh!t when someone gets a phony review, but when your honest their talking sh!t , they act like they cant decide if they like a product unless a beauty guru does, please reupload because i would like to see your opinion

  25. lilmzmonkey69 says:


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