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Septum piercing & my labret

Body jewelry

this is my friend junior getting his septum done and me showing off my labret piercing. Everyone needs to stop talking about the pronunciation fot he word! Sheesh. Message me with questions ariana♥

25 responses to “Septum piercing & my labret”

  1. TheHaylieKate says:

    okay , heres a question and be honest, did it hurt that much? cause i really want to get it done 🙁 oh and both your piercings look awesome xD

  2. DarklyUprising says:

    AHH ZOMG did it hurt? I’m getting mine done next month but i’m a little worried.

  3. Chicla161 says:

    piercing fresse . sieht ganz schön scheiße aus 😉

  4. Chrishaswings says:

    @xlildeebomb13x rds

  5. cjvideo says:

    Yay! You pronounced labret right! Spread the good word!

  6. xlildeebomb13x says:

    what brand hat is he wearing?

  7. mikeycheek says:


  8. whereismymind101 says:

    that labret looks like shit on you.

  9. KristinKrucial says:

    He’s a proper cutey :’)

  10. bmthj4ac says:

    a septum is pierced on the fleshy part under the cartilage (fail spelling) right?

  11. xxxthedeadheadxxx says:

    i want mine done so fucking bad

  12. metallica2296 says:

    nice shirt bro…LOG for life.

  13. XxSondraSacrificexX says:

    It hurt more than all of my piercings.
    But it wasn’t that bad. I think you should go for it.

  14. RAVENraines1 says:

    @meowisdustysword shit happens people will over use a lot of words best thing to do is not let it get to u

  15. Pierzasty1337 says:

    Looks like Shawn Drover can pierce n shyt.

  16. meowisdustysword says:

    ..i hate people who overuse “hun” and “babe”

  17. NiobeHarry says:

    @1erida i didnt get an swelling when i got my snakebikes hehe
    and i have also tolerated the pain of a hood piercing..i mean..c on 😛
    but i dont know why septum makes me feel afraid :S

  18. iheartnirvana220 says:

    awh! What a cute lil suckaa!

  19. 1erida says:

    @NiobeHarry it depends on your pain tolerance. i find snake bites less painful when being pierced than cartilage one, like nose or ears. although, i find snake bites a lot more painful when it swells than cartilage, cartilage one when healing never hurt to me, but my snake bites were the most painful piercing i had when it comes to healing and swelling

  20. NiobeHarry says:

    septum is the only one i didnt have
    and after seeing this i dont want to
    i would go this week but duuuh im sure its the one that hurts most

  21. bayley1221 says:

    omg this looks so painful… can you tell me if it was i whant to get one 🙂

  22. alexusloves1 says:

    tell him i said hell ya he did it

  23. squigglex says:

    Haha, it suited him. ^^
    I’m getting my septum done in July. Cannot wait ><

  24. JOBROSandME says:

    i loved your pep talk 😀 lol

  25. OHYESx says:


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